Top NFT Games for iOS 2022

NFT Games IOS 2022

With so many great NFT games to play and win, it can be difficult to decide which one to start with. But what is better for iOS mobile users?

The integration of NFT into games allows users to purchase exclusive game products or resources on their behalf and retain the rights to the purchased items in their entirety. These NFT games also allow users to earn passive income by selling assets in the open market.

Considering the many benefits of NFT games, here is a list of five popular NFT games for iOS mobile devices.

NFT games have evolved from card games to casual types like “Axie Infinity.” The world of cryptocurrencies has become more interesting with the iteration of the gamified blockchain.

Many titles can be played for iOS users who want to try their hand at the NFT online games market. Whether you are using an iDevice (iPhone or an iPad), these NFT games can be played on your device.

Top NFT Games For iOS Gamers

Axie Infinity

Axie-Infinite Nft Games

There is absolutely no doubt that “Axie Infinity” is the most popular NFT game on the iOS platform right now because it is the greatest NFT game of all time.

This blockchain game allows you to form a team of monsters called Axies. You can buy them, sell them or trade them in the market. Your task is to create a solid row of tables to help you collect SLP. Just watch out for the fake Ronin mobile wallet that is spreading across the platform.

War of Ants

enj Nft Games

This mobile PvP game will test your combat strategy in real-time. Your objective is to protect the queen from enemies. It can be downloaded on any iOS device.


mobox Nft Games

This challenge-based NFT game is popular on the iOS platform. This free play and victory environment will give you various rewards, which you will get by overcoming the challenges.

Crypto Monkey Empire

crypto monkey Nft Games

If you are looking for a multiplayer NFT game, “Monkey Empire” might be your favorite game. You will learn how to gather valuable resources and how to train your troops before any battle. You can also create buildings and other factories in this game.



This is a blockchain game similar to other role-playing games. For now, the developers are further improving the game with its graphics and architecture. But now you can face monsters in this game. You can install and enjoy this game on your iOS devices.

Division Network

division network

If you like VR games, Division Network is the best NFT game for you on your iOS devices. You can buy NFT from the game developers.

This virtual reality space is open to everyone. You can chat with everyone here and trade tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Spells

crypto spells

Card games are becoming more popular among fans who grew up playing classic series of card games. You can transact with other gamers like yourself through the Ethereum blockchain.

Each card has an appropriate value. Its mechanic also revolves around winning games, so you can get more virtual prizes, such as tokens and cash.

My Crypto Saga 

my crypto saga

Game developer Double Jump Tokyo has officially released the beta version of this NFT game. They share a similar concept if you’ve played “My Crypto Heroes” before. The only difference is that the “Crypto Saga” version is now a card game. Did I mention you can play it on your iOS devices? You already know the answer.

Crypto Crusaders

crypto crusaders

In addition to Android users, iOS users can now play “CryptoCrusades” on their devices. Like some of the NFT games mentioned above, this game uses Ethereum blockchain.

You can play as a craftsman, farmer, warrior, and more in this game.

Sierra Synergy

serra synergy Nft Games

Serra Synergy is another card game on our list of NFT games for iOS. This card game involves protecting the planet Serra from an alien invasion. To get started, you can use 90 special cards for free. Your seasonal rewards depend on your progress in the game.

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