Top 10 NFT Games For Android Devices for 2022

best nft games for android

NFT crypto games are becoming more and more popular. Some actors of such projects already recover their investment in a month and obtain a profit that exceeds tens of times the initial investment.

In this case, the most important thing is to find a quality and constantly evolving project, that is, not to go wrong in choosing the for-profit NFT game.

You can find many similar projects on the web. Still, I want to share with you the most popular NFT games that have already gained confidence and are constantly evolving so that you can start using them for profit without hesitation.

Crypto Dragons

crypto dragons nft game

Fusion and Dragon fans are in luck. This beautiful game combines your two passions but also offers cryptocurrencies and real winnings throughout the game.

Your mission will be to merge dragons to unlock legendary species and, luckily, earn cryptocurrency in the process.

The game is quite simple. You just need to join two identical dragons to get a higher level. Then you have to put the dragons in a circle so that they can run around and enjoy it. You will unlock new locations on the fusion board to get bigger and better dragons as you level up.

Play, collect wonderful dragons, explore exciting worlds, and earn crypto rewards.

The better the dragons, the more profit you will get. These can be exchanged for small amounts of cryptocurrency after creating an account. Of course, you can only watch ads to earn bonuses and double your income.

Besides, it’s a cool game with a good design and a good soundtrack. Many adorable dragons are waiting for you.

Would you like to earn cryptocurrency while playing and having fun? Crypto Dragons fusion game offers you to play and win even if it is for little money.


cryptobytes nft game

CropBytes is a farming game with a great economic ecosystem. It offers a very easy way to play through an amazing and clean budget section.

It’s hard to find games that make a lot of money from cryptocurrencies, but Crop Bytes offers something great.

You’re playing through a window that shows all the receipts, and what’s amazing is that it looks like a dashboard or financial chart for a digital bank.

There, users can easily see all previous moves and track their winnings. It is, above all, a game with many currencies. Users can play with bitcoin, Ethereum, or other altcoins like Tron tokens. They can also play with stable Tether tokens.

The game is not that difficult. The company has made an interesting attempt to provide users with a small but comprehensive guide to getting started with the game, including how to earn more income.

In short, it plays like any other farm game or even a game in which users have to create and develop landscapes. Need I add that the characters are good; they match the design and the beautiful elements of the farm, including the animals and the food.

As part of the first point, this game is not meant to make money, but it offers a fun way to invest. It is the base of everything. Users can easily become traders and complete the Tron blockchain process. Or they can easily trade to find attractive farm supplies.

In conclusion, Crop Bytes has three things that I love about a cryptocurrency game:

  • The fun
  • The organization of the design
  • The actual winnings with various cryptocurrencies

Virtual Blockchain Monopoly Upland

Upland me

UplandMe is a kind of virtual blockchain monopoly with limitless possibilities. Here you can buy and sell various real estate, develop and build entire cities.

The game is based on an EOS blockchain, and each real estate item is an NFT token. The constant development of the project shows more and more the interest of actors and investors.

All game calculations are done using UPX game currency (their rate is: 1000 UPX = $1). Your first purchase can be made at the expense of the UPX received at the time of registration. The game account is replenished with dollars. They will then be converted to UPX. You also get a bonus for daily access to the game.

What gives you NFT in this game? Tasks completed successfully, construction and research of new areas, search for treasures, and trade books.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained

This is a collectible multiplayer card game designed in fantasy style with unique characters and abilities. There is a market for the sale, purchase, and monitoring of NFTs.

Gods Unchained envelops the user in a magical and slightly warlike atmosphere. The objective of the game is to collect/win strong decks of cards and perform well in tournaments.

Speaking of battles, the developers often run similar promotions to get a solid amount. When registering, players have hundreds of regular cards, enough to participate in tournaments.

Leagues are battles between all players for the top cash prize and the chance to get rare and expensive cards. These things are announced in advance, and you have to prepare for them.

This game is a separate application with a unique NFT token (created with the Ethereum blockchain). NFT is a cryptographic copy that cannot be traded, sold, or replaced by its counterpart. This is a hallmark of God’s Unchained.

The game engine works on a free-to-play model, which means the player doesn’t need to buy any cards to get started. Plus, you don’t have to pay to participate in a fighting tournament, and there is no charge to do so.

You only need to pay for the few packages that can be purchased from the User Grand Exchange. Only special cards have liquidity and value, and you can make money with them.



It is one of the best quality war games. This game is very easy to play and easy to win. There will only be six ships in the game, each with its own role, from heavy miners and transports to specialized Star Wars. Depending on your business, make sure you are making the right decisions for maximum efficiency. I mean, your harvest will increase too.

The layout and graphics of the game are very beautiful. Everything is so clear and colorful. This game is also developed with support from Tron, and you can save your cryptocurrencies. 

The basic logic of the game is to choose your character and get it to rank. You earn cryptocurrency by capturing other players with your character.

Merge Cats

merge cats

The game Merge Cats explains how cats run on the track and bring us coins. In order to buy the fastest cats, players have to breed the strongest cat. You have to pass the level to get ALMA cryptocurrency.

However, if you are a quiet gamer, you can log into the game for 3 minutes every day, do activities, and get 50 SOULS. If the cryptocurrency starts to rise in value, it will be whole different money!

There is the possibility of withdrawing SOULS. You can only do this on certain Ethereum wallet sites: MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, and MetaMask.

It is recommended that you create a portfolio with one of the above-listed wallets. 

The game is addicting in its design and includes a lot of bonuses at the start. In the game itself, detailed training will help you earn more coins. 



Mobox is a great opportunity to discover serious prospects without major investments or serious knowledge.

This game uses NFT tokens. They are represented here by unique characters with different characteristics. It’s realistic to start without investing, but it will take some knowledge.

The first-time players receive unique KEY tokens. They can be used to unlock chests (boxes) that MOMO randomly drops from. There are also irreplaceable tokens. Each key opens only one box, and only one hero falls out of it.

All of your characters work in the mine, mining MBOX for you on a machine. Their cost varies, divided into different types: Common, Unusual, Unique, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rate changes depending on the hero type, so the more expensive your monsters are, the more profit you will make.

The rate of these tokens is constantly changing. The objective of the game is to collect as many minors as possible and simply enjoy them.

Mobox is already quite a popular service.

Splinterlands Card Game


This is a card game where you build your card collection, upgrade cards, fight other players, and earn dark energy crystals. Dark Energy Crystals can be sold, traded, bought, and stacked.

Every day in the game, there’s a daily mission, and when you complete the mission, you get a chest with rewards.

You can get Crystals, Books, and Dark Energy Potions from the hood. The number is random, so you can get 5-2000 Dark Energy Crystals in a box.

Collect dark energy crystals; these tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies. In addition to cards, NFT tokens are available as skins, potions, globes, and lands. There are regular tournaments.

The only problem with the game is the high price of the cards, so if you want to win, you have to invest more to buy better cards to dominate your opponent. The winnings only give you dark energy crystals for cryptocurrencies.

Forest Knight 

forest knight nft game

Forest Knight is a knight-style strategy game. Play this game by fighting and strategizing with your opponents in the arena.

Users must create a team of knights who, in turn, you can use to fight in the arena. There are levels and stages to go through.

In this game, Forest Knight’s item ecosystem is equipped with blockchain technology, so you can use, sell, or trade goods anywhere!

You can buy rare heroes in exchange for cryptocurrency, but rare heroes are very expensive. When you buy rare heroes, you get more than usual.

Generally, it is a game of strategy. If you have a high level of strategy, you can easily win battles in this game. You can also earn money.

Payments are fast. You won’t have any security issues. The choice of sound is excellent. So you can enjoy the game.

The NFT Binemon game

Binemon is an NFT mobile game that helps you earn money instantly. It’s a great game, very similar to the Pokémon series. The main difference here is that you earn money from gaming.

And there are many other features, and you will have a lot of fun.

You will need to create a profile and provide the necessary details before you start the game. Therefore, you will have to breed, fight and trade animals.

Binemon introduces a brand new Draken coin, for which it is possible to use the functions of the game (buy, sell blocks, develop them, convert). It is really interesting because any player can easily participate in the trading process.

It is not that expensive to buy and offers the possibility of global use.

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