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The Insurance Emporium

The Insurance Emporium offers a wide range of pet-related products to cover your furry loved one’s health problems. They offer coverage for cats, elderly cats, dogs, and elderly dogs, which includes an extensive list of options to suit your needs and your pets. The Insurance Emporium protects the things you love. We use our specialist experience to create the personal cover to keep those things safe because we know implicitly how much they mean to our customers.

“For all the things that add color and richness to life, The Insurance Emporium protects the things we love.” If you are thinking of using Emporium Insurance to find your next policy, read our reviews to understand better how this company operates with customers like you!

However, At The Insurance Emporium, we’ve always worked hard to understand our customers and what’s important to them. This allows us to offer products and services that meet your needs as individuals and reflect the changes that happen as your lives and families grow.

The Insurance Emporium Products and Policies

We strive to provide first-class claims and customer contact that changes over time, offering comprehensive coverage and competitive premiums for everything from pet insurance to caravan, horse and trailer insurance, photographic equipment, boats, possessions: students, weddings, musical instruments, and much more.

In short, we protect the things you love. We are here to help you celebrate the joy of owning and using these things, and our insurance products are designed with that specific goal in mind.

Pet Insurance

Cats and dogs, young and old, we hold them all! The Insurance Emporium offers a wide variety of pet-related insurance products. To find out more or get a quote, select the relevant link from the options below.

Equine Insurance

Insure your 31-day horse for a veteran horse of any age over 20 or, if you don’t have a horse, choose only a rider. We also cover trailers that you own or can rent. However, The Insurance Emporium offers a wide range of insurance products for horses. To find out more or get a quote, select the relevant link from the options below.

Caravan Insurance

Regardless of whether you tow a caravan or trailer hitch or stand still. You can work with one of our policy types, adjust it and make it yours! The Insurance Emporium offers a variety of caravan-related insurance products. To find out more or get a quote, select the relevant link from the options below.

Wedding Insurance

From rustic weddings in the countryside of England to a Scottish castle, even beach weddings in the Caribbean. The Insurance Emporium can protect the wedding of your dreams so you can dream bigger! However, We offer seven different policy types that you can adjust, which means that you can customize your policy to suit your needs whatever you book and plan for your big day.

 All of our seven types of wedding policy in the UK and abroad include coverage for cancellation and reorganization, supplier financial failure, wedding rings, flowers and cake, stationery, gifts, cars and transportation, photography and video, public liability, and personal accidents. International policies also include coverage for late travel and essential documents.

Camera & Photographic Insurance

Expensive equipment needs the right protection, so if you are looking for a camera and photo insurance that can be customized or adjusted to suit your photographic hobby or professional job, you are in the right place.

Cycling & Bicycle Insurance

Our bicycle insurance policies are tailor-made, but how do they work? It’s simple – our policies start with just one Standard Benefit, and then you choose which of our Optional Benefits you want to add This means that you can create a personalized insurance policy, and you don’t have to pay for coverage you don’t need!

Fishing Equipment Insurance

All of our fishing equipment insurance policies start with a set of Standard Benefits designed to cover you in normal day-to-day circumstances. Your prize will be based on the value of your fishing equipment. Then, you can adjust your policy with our Optional Benefits, which allow you to extend some Standard Benefits and add others if necessary.

Student and Student Contents Insurance

All of our student policies start with just one Standard Benefit, and then you choose which Optional Benefits you want to add – that means you don’t have to pay for any specialists or high-risk items you may not have!

Accidental damage or theft of your content at the student’s address and during transit to or from your home address. Loss or damage to the food you own and keep frozen at your student address and is caused by a rise or fall in temperature.

Musical Equipment and Instrument Insurance

All of our musical instrument policies begin with a defined set of Standard Benefits designed to cover you in normal day-to-day circumstances. Your initial prize will be based on the value of your instrument (s), musical equipment, and accessories. Then, you can adjust your policy with Optional Benefits that allow you to extend some Standard Benefits and add others if necessary.

Golfer and Golf Kit Insurance

From holes in one to accidental damage or theft, golf insurance can provide coverage for disasters that happen on and off the course, whether in the UK, Europe, or worldwide. Like most golfers, your kit will likely consist of clubs that you would not play without, such as a driver, irons, fairway woods, a wedge, and a putter. Also, you can choose to update your driver, get a custom tuning stick, pick up hybrids, or use a set of wedges. Likewise, our golf insurance is based on three types of policies that you can choose to customize with Optional Benefits, which provide extra coverage or extend the existing range.

However, We put our customers first. Each customer and each claim is treated individually and fairly – our policies are as individual as you are.

Insurance is not so much about the worst-case scenarios but rather about the freedom to push the limits of your enjoyment further, removing the worry that comes with your precious assets and loved ones.

Benefits of The Insurance Emporium

Over time, our hobbies and interests evolve and change along with our own lives and stories. Weddings, travel, pets, caravan holidays with children, student property insurance when they are older, and all the things to help us live with passion.

Our insurance policies will also change and evolve to serve our customers better, and our goal is to be at your side for years to come.

  • The Insurance Emporium’s Gold Annual Gold Lifetime, Lifetime Gold Calendar / Lunar Monthly, Lifetime Gold Calendar / Lunar Monthly Senior, Lifetime Silver Calendar / Lunar Monthly, Maximum Benefit Gold Calendar / Lunar Monthly were all awarded a 5-star Defaqto rating
  • The Insurance Emporium specializes in specific coverage for young and old animals
  • They also offer policies to cover horses and riders
  • The Insurance Emporium offers an introductory 20% discount plus a 10% discount for multiple pets
  • Optional benefits allow you to create a policy that meets your pets’ needs
  • The Insurance Emporium can pay you or your veterinarian directly

Compare The Insurance Emporium pet insurance policies

The Insurance Emporium offers five different types of pet insurance policies:

Public liability only – covers legal expenses and damages if your dog injures someone or damages your property.

Accident Only – provides veterinarian fee coverage if your pet needs treatment for an injury caused by accident.

Limited time – provides vet fee coverage for up to 365 days from the date you or your vet noticed the injury or illness’s first signs.

Maximum benefit – provides veterinarian fee coverage for each injury or illness up to the maximum amount available, regardless of the time required to reach it.

Lifetime – covers lifetime veterinarian fees, as long as you keep your premiums up to date.

The Insurance Emporium policies for Public Liability and Accident Only policies only offer a level of coverage; however, you can choose between Bronze, Silver, and Gold coverage levels for all other policy types. The coverage levels are detailed in the table below.

Managing your policy and making a claim in The Insurance Emporium

Insurance Emporium allows you to make changes to your policy details, access documents, and more through its online portal. Just register your account, enter the online portal and click on ‘My Profile’ to make changes to your data. If you prefer, However, you can contact The Insurance Emporium team by submitting a form on their website or by calling 0330 244 007.
for more details visit website

Making a claim is easy. Log into your My Emporium account online to download a claim form and complete all sections correctly and truthfully. Next, you will need to return your claim form and any supporting documentation to:

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 03300 242 971

Post: The Insurance Emporium, Thorpe Underwood Hall, Ouseburn, York, YO26 9SS

Your team member will contact you within two business days (not including weekends) to acknowledge that you have received your claim. They aim to assess your request quickly and promptly. However, if you do not send the required supporting evidence, the process will be delayed.

If your claim is successful, you will receive a BACS transfer payment. Any items that are not covered by the policy and the policy’s excess will be deducted from the agreement.

FAQs about The Insurance Emporium

Does The Insurance Emporium cover older pets?

Yes, The Insurance Emporium offers coverage for cats and dogs from five weeks to eight years of age. If the pet is over eight years old, you will need to purchase the insurance policy for pets for the elderly.

How long do they take to assess a Claim?

After submitting a claim, The Insurance Emporium will contact you within two business days to confirm receipt of your claim. They aim to assess your complaint quickly and in a timely manner, provided that all documentation and information provided is correct.

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