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best gaming guild metaverse

What is a gaming guild? The Metaverse is a new tool used in rapidly creating new economic opportunities for digital natives; people now make a living from playing computer games.

Play-to-win guilds aim to engage and enable individuals and communities to participate in these games without seed capital.

These guilds formalized the method of lending game assets in the form of NFTs. These communities are for people who want to earn money playing with the NFTs (characters or resources) needed to start the game.

The guild will receive a quota of the player’s winnings, while the player will receive what they need to enter the game.

Let’s focus on the main guild in the Metaverse game listed below.

Meta-Gaming Guild (MGG)

Meta Gaming Guild

Meta Gaming Guild is a community-run organization that makes GameFi easy for the public. MGG provides the first Decentralized Funding Protocol (DeFi) for lending gaming assets to academics; the first form of automated NFT performance

MetaGaming Guild was founded by Andy Agnas, CEO and Founder of SparkPoint Technologies Inc. The main consultant for the project is Hatu of DAO Maker, a global leader in cryptocurrency launch platforms.

MGG’s primary market for playing for winnings is the Philippines. Still, MGG is also very proactive in bringing in other players from other partners around the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Characteristics of MGG

  • DAO Community: Promote a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where members can vote to lead the MGG network.
  • Game Yield Farming: Provides the first DeFi protocol for loaning NFT game items to academics.
  • GameFi Vaults: Buys virtual assets issued by newly created NFT venture capital projects and places them in player vaults where MGG holders can earn a stake.
  • Scholarship Program: This leases MGG’s NFT assets to players around the world to generate income. With this, players can access NFT games at no upfront cost, access early-stage gaming tokens such as VCs, and deploy their NFTs for automatic performance.

Astra Guild

Astra Guild

The Astra Guild Ventures is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that invests in NFTs, Play-to-Earn games, and other blockchain technologies.

It connects investors who don’t have time to play these P2E games with players who don’t have the assets to invest in these NFT assets. This, in turn, leads to maximizing the potential for both parties.

By 2022, DAO aims to become one of the most respected organizations of its kind. With DAO at the forefront of NFT games and the rapid adoption rate of this new area of ​​Metaverse, Astra Guild Ventures is well on its way to achieving this goal.

DAO currently owns 2,036 Axie Infinity Fellows, with total assets of over $2.4 million to date.


The Astra Guild Ventures community consists of aspiring academics, skilled managers, and players from around the world.

With over 2,000 academics and 46,000 Discord community members, Astra Guild Ventures has established itself as one of the industry’s fastest-growing non-fungible gaming guild.

One of the remarkable activities of Astra Guild Ventures is the AGV Day, where the guild hosts learning and entertainment activities on topics such as game strategy and free trading.

Astra Guild Ventures Token

The guild has its own government token called AGV. There are 2,000,000,000 AGVs for distribution to investors, founders, consultants, and community members.

The public sale took place on December 17, 2021.

Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Yield Gaming Guild

YGG aims to help the rest of the world start playing and earn money for their input to building the new metaverse economy.

Yield Guild Gaming is an unlicensed open community organized around various activities in the in-game economy to earn Metaverse.

How to participate?

  • Join Axie Infinity’s “Scholarship Program” and get a 3-Axis Axie account to start farming Small Love Potions ($SLP).
  • Become a member of the YGG Esports team and train with other players to participate in Axie Infinity challenges and ranked tournaments.
  • Join the League of Realms alliance and start planning for world domination by earning passive DAI rewards for land ownership.
  • Co-invest in future anticipated sales of NFT with the Guild.

Good Games Guild (GGG)

Good games guild

Good Games Guild (GGG) maximizes the role of the Metaverse in human social life. According to GGG, this strange world called the Metaverse will become a new world for all of us.

The best part is that this new world will offer everyone a new experience and an opportunity.

GGG aims to turn ownership of Metaverse assets into productive assets, using the role and function of each guild member.

These members will be the generators that lead to the conversion of ordinary GGG assets into more productive ones.

GGG Tokens

GGG will issue a Utility Token, which is a Good Games token labeled with a $GGG tag.

Players must use the $GGG as their native currency in the GGG ecosystem, plus it is also tradable and has a burnt feature. $GGG has other features like:

  • Activity price
  • Payment by platform
  • Governance (voting rights and proposal)

Owners of game vouchers can claim the rewards distributed by GGG by depositing GGG tokens into the deposits provided.



GuidFi is the interconnected ecosystem of games, NFTs, and Web3 communities, maximizing player benefits and enabling interoperability across the Metaverse.

Guidi was created by a team of seasoned gamers and community builders to enhance every player’s experience by building a Web3 infrastructure to connect games, NFTs, and communities.

Characteristics of GuildFi

  • Game Discovery: GuildFi helps gamers discover organized games and game makers discover the right player base to launch their games.
  • GuildFi ID: The GuildFi ID is the Metaverse ID built into an upgrade system that tracks player footprint and metaverse achievements.
  • Play Test Rewards: GuildFi lets you play to win in any game by analyzing your activities throughout your game life and delivering the right benefits, whether it’s an NFT campaign prize or a symbolic performance bonus.
  • Scholarship Portal: The GuildFi Platform offers scholarship program from its treasury, partner unions, and associated NFT funds.

GuildFI Token

GuidFi Token ($GF) powers your ecosystem while capturing value in the ever-expanding Metaverse. The value of the symbol will increase in direct proportion to:

  • NFT and IGO sales (initial game offers)
  • NFT-wide asset lending and more.
  • Revenues from promising P2E games.
  • The volume of transactions using the NFT.

BlockChain Space

Blockchain space

Blockchain Space is a guild hub where communities of gamers can win. Create tools to help gaming communities win and also guide their own guilds to identify economic opportunities to win at the game.

If you’ve ever witnessed a massive online multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG), you already know that it means your clan community can start out as a group of friends who go on adventures and explore new worlds together.

Characteristics of BlockChain Space

With the unique suite of Blockchain Space tools and functions, guild operators can;

  • Access to capital. This gives players the opportunity to focus on climbing and improving their performance.
  • Create insights from valuable data and values
  • Save time

$GUILD is the native Blockchain Space platform token that will be used for community governance, as well as a utility token that will be used for guild and tournament transactions in the eSports league.

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