The Adidas Training – Home Workout App Review

Adidas has joined forces with Runtastic to encourage an active lifestyle and meet people’s fitness needs at home. With the sporting expertise and digital experiences of both brands, the Adidas Running and Adidas Training apps were born.

Adidas Training is a free app but with locked features for premium users only. That is why, in our previous review, we nominated the Nike Club Training app to be the best completely free app for workouts. However, let’s dig into those features and check if the Adidas Training app is worth our while as well.

How does Adidas Training App works?

What is your goal? How active are you? What holds you back from working out? These are the questions Adidas Training will ask you from the very beginning to setup a training plan for you.

I honestly don’t know what gave them the idea that 6 weeks to six pack is the fit plan for me. I can sense the ‘go hard or go home’ energy already!

Suggested Training Plan

Moving on, they will arrange your workout days and routine according to how fit you are or how often you exercise. Just like that, Adidas Training got everything setup for you to start working out now.

If you didn’t like the plan you got, then you can check other available plans that are more suitable for you. Or head to the workouts collection in case you’re not ready for that kind of commitment just yet.

More Training Plans Available

The guided workouts are all free with aesthetic videos and voice command to walk you through every exercise. Before you start any workout, you can check out its brief, level, duration and target muscle. You can also choose the workouts with a house icon to ensure that it’s ‘neighbor-friendly’.

Adidas Training Tutorial Pop-ups

It’s okay if you’re still not ready to start your first workout. You can check out the news feed for blogs related to fitness and nutrition. Or even set reminders for the app to notify you whenever you want to schedule your future workout.

No more ‘oops I forgot’ excuses when you got the Adidas Training app.

Workout Reminders and Fitness Blogs

Does Adidas Training App work without internet?

Unlike most fitness apps, yes it does work without internet! For the people with slow wi-fi or just a short temper, the app got you covered. All workouts and plans are a button click away without the need to download them. You also don’t need to worry about consuming your mobile’s charge; it’s battery and storage friendly.

Working out without the need for internet is not the only great feature this app got. Here are other great features of the Adidas Training app:

The Best Free Features

Workout Creator

You have something in mind but can’t seem to find a workout for it? Waste no time with the workout creator. Just select your target body, time duration, difficulty, equipment, and even noise level that you desire. In seconds, you will get a workout perfectly designed for your needs.

Adidas Training Workout Trainer

Challenges & Communities

Every now and then, new challenges will be added to the progress tab such as commit to getting fit or support every move. Challenge yourself and join as many as you want. You can also check out other participants’ progress in each challenge, and even your country’s rank on the leaderboard. Get moving to reach the top of the rank.

Commit to Getting Fit Challenge and Countries Ranking

Progress Tracking

Adidas Training will automatically track your monthly progress according to the number of workouts, duration of exercises and the calories burned. You can also upload progress pics (which are only visible to you), because the scale is not always our best friend; results may show more on the body than in the numbers.


You can listen to music on any platform, whether the voice command is on or off. Even if you swipe to your music library to change the song playing, the workout will keep going in the background unless you pause it.

Connect & Share with Friends

Add your friends to track each other’s progress. And if you think your friend is going to like one of the workouts, you can easily send it with the share button on top.

Not bad for a free version am I right? Well, the premium version does offer a little more than that.

What is the Adidas Training Premium?

For a subscription of $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year, you benefit from extra features:

  • A huge collection of featured workouts
  • More training plans to choose from
  • Track your progress weekly, yearly, and all times
  • Access to all content on ‘health & nutrition’ and get a 12-week guide
Premium Featured Workouts and Content

Is the Adidas Training Premium worth it?

Bluntly speaking, the premium version of Adidas Training is not worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly admiring Adidas for all the impeccable free features. What confused me is the price of premium compared to the actual value we’re getting.

First of all, they offer a 7-day free trial only if you subscribe to the yearly plan. While the monthly plan will be charged immediately from you. But I don’t see the point…

My curiosity did get me to subscribe yearly for the free trial, but my credit card is definitely canceling it before the week ends.

Anyway, that’s not our point. The point is the extra features were not all that.

A few more training plans and health blogs doesn’t sound so premium. Plus, I expected the app to get more information for my ‘personalized’ 12-week guide. Not just unlocking one article per week that gives you tips on achieving your generic goal of ‘losing weight’ or ‘getting fit’.

Now on the bright side, the wide range of workouts are pretty cool. Especially if you want to use the app for the long run, so much variety will be available at your disposal such as “knee-friendly cardio” or “no sit-ups core workout”. But maybe not so cool for a $50 yearly subscription?

Final Thoughts on Adidas Training App: Free vs Premium?

A marketing scheme or not, I am not a fan of the premium version at all. I’ll admit, maybe it’s because the free version was way better than I expected.

In general, the Adidas Training app adds a pleasant touch to working out alone. The smooth graphics along with the savvy features will definitely get you off that couch. And impressively enough, the free version has a lot to offer to tailor everyone’s needs and fitness levels.

The Adidas Training app ‘is all in’ for challenging your home workouts. You can download it on iOS or Android.

Download the Adidas Training app here

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