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Is Zero Percent Financing a Good Deal?

Introduction to Zero-Percent Financing Zero-percent financing has become a standard option with many traders today. While this was once a special offer, it’s now a very prevalent norm. It’s a very attractive offer, too, because zero-percent financing is almost like having free money for 12 months (or however long the loan term lasts). But at the same time, consumers tend to forget that it’s an advertising scheme designed to tempt you with products that you couldn’t ordinarily afford. So is it really that attractive? How Zero-Percent Financing Works Traders have special arrangements with their bank of choice to be able to offer interest-free loans. Typically, these are classic installment loans, with a fixed term and installment amount. Of course, there’s an important difference: namely, the lack of interest. When you sign-up for zero-percent financing, the bank pays the loan payment directly to the seller. As the customer, you then pay […]