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Understanding Insurance: Important Words You Need to Know

Introduction to Understanding Insurance: Insurance Definition Your first step toward understanding insurance is to know what the word means. Insurance is an agreement that you put money towards every month.That way, if there’s an emergency, then your insurance can help you cover the cost. So insurance is like a special type of savings. But you can only get the money if you need it. Understanding Insurance Language A very important part of understanding insurance is the words companies use. You need to understand them so that you can compare different insurance plans. Claim – a request asking your provider to pay for expenses after something happens. Co-insurance – the part of the expenses that you pay. For example, your insurance pays 80%, but you have to pay the other 20%. Co-payment – the fixed amount of fees that you pay for an expense that’s covered by your insurance. Deductible – […]

How to Get Southern Cross Insurance for Travel in 2019

Every year, many people travel for pleasure or business. Only in 2017, the outbound trips by Australians were 9,118,000. According to the Australian Tourism Statistics 2019, 5,115,000 people went for international trips for holiday in 2017. Southern Cross Insurance is a premium brand in Australia for providing travel insurance. The winner of so many awards in the travel insurance sector, Southern Cross is providing travel insurance for many years. The company has won the MOZO exceptional Travel comprehensive award. It has also won the Mozo Exceptional Value Cruise Award 2018. Southern Cross is the winner of the Product Review Travel Insurance Award 2017. has also kept the company in the finalist of 2017 Best Travel Insurance comprehensive. Why Do You Need Travel Insurance? Insurance whether for life, motor, travel or any other, is a protection against the monetary loss during any misshapen. We live in a world of uncertainty […]

Top 4 Best Alternatives of Hollard Insurance in Australia in 2019

Insurance is now a part of basic life for people. At every crucial point of life, insurance helps people to get monetary relief. Hollard Insurance is one such name in Australia that provides an array of insurances. The company is providing home, pet, travel, car, and bicycle insurances in Australia. What is Hollard Insurance – an Introduction Established in 1980, Hollard Insurance is a South Africa based company. Currently, the company is providing insurance services in many countries. These countries include South Africa, Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique. But, are there other companies also that provide the same services in Australia? So, here we have come up with a list of the top 4 best alternatives of Hollard Insurance. Let’s check them out below: 1. Suncorp Group – One of the Best Alternatives of Hollard Insurance Suncorp is one of the biggest banking and financial corporate in […]