Special Minecraft Guide 

Special Minecraft Guide 

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games that players love to play. In Minecraft, players can dig, mine, build, craft, and enchant things in a virtual, open-world environment. “Sandbox” games are popular because players can create their own worlds and experiences. Contrary to other games, Minecraft puts players in charge of the game – and even allows them to act as moderators and build their own coding / modding directly into the game. Read the full Minecraft Guide below.

On YouTube, it is the most popular game based on video views, which proves how important community is to Minecraft’s success. A whopping 41% of all YouTube fan videos have been viewed because of Minecraft.

There are two main game mods in Minecraft: Creative and Survival. It’s all about survival in Survival mod. To survive, players must use the available resources to build shelter, find food, and craft tools.

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Minecraft’s creative mode is one of the game’s most popular modes of play. While survival is removed from the game, players can still build and destroy structures with the help of blocks, as well as fly. In addition, it modifies some of the music in the background.

Minecraft rule 34 

Minecraft’s “unwritten rules” or “common sense” are usually the focus of these.

1. It’s possible to dig yourself right into the lava pit, into a ravine, into a cave, etc.

2. A creeper shouldn’t be fought in a pool of water. Most of the time, I find this rule to be a bit subjective because you might not be able to escape the creeper’s blast radius.

Campfire Minecraft 

Minecraft’s Village & Pillage update, version 1.14, introduced campfires. Three sticks, three logs, and one lump of coal or charcoal are all you need to make them. Make sure you follow the exact pattern when building a campfire.

Extinguishing a campfire is as simple as sprinkling a splash of water on it or digging with a shovel. Rain does not extinguish campfires, as it does with torches. Campfire block failure always results in the loss of campfire items.

Minecraft fabric 

Mods can be run on both the server and client in Fabric. Fabric offers a variety of mods for clients, including minimaps, HUD improvements, OptiFine integrations, and more. Mods for Fabric can be found on any mod website, such as CurseForge, which is a great place to start.

Concrete Minecraft 

As well as the 16 standard dye colors, concrete is a solid block of material that can be painted. Water and concrete powder combine to form concrete (source block, flowing or waterlogged). Water does not form this substance, as it does in rain, filled cauldrons, and even empty bottles. The important point is part of the Minecraft Guide.

Curse of vanishing Minecraft 

The Curse of Vanishing enchantment allows you to curse an item in the game and make it vanish. Whenever a player dies in the game, a cursed item will vanish (instead of being dropped after the player dies).

Minecraft stonecutter 

As an alternative to the crafting table, the stonecutter can be used to craft most stone-related blocks. To make chiseled stone bricks, for example, you can turn a stone block into chiseled stone bricks without having to go through multiple steps of crafting.

Minecraft crossbow 

If you’re looking for a ranged weapon, a crossbow is a good option. It has increased damage, a slower fire rate, and can’t be fired until fully drawn.

Minecraft conduit 

Conduits provide enormous power. For example, “conduit power” is a type of status that has a defined area of effect. If you’re diving underwater, conduit power combines the benefits of water breathing with night vision and haste status effects. Contaminated conduits emit light and cause harm to nearby hostile mobs.

Minecraft painting 

Paintings in Minecraft are decorative blocks that hang on walls. It’s easy to make a painting if you open the crafting table and place wool in the 3×3 grid in the middle. Afterward, place sticks in the remaining boxes to create a painting. Next, it randomly selects a painting of the same size from a collection of 26 paintings.

Minecraft terracotta 

An earthenware block with the same hardness as stone, Terracotta can withstand a lot of abuse. It can be dyed in the same 16 colours as wool, but with a more earthy tone.

Minecraft 1.14.2 mods 

1.14.2 Mods for Minecraft have been gathered by the community. Modding is a method of modifying a game to make it more fun and interesting to play or to give players more options when interacting with the world of Minecraft. On May 27, 2019, Java Edition was released as an update to Minecraft 1.14.2.

Minecraft magic mods 

Some of the best magic-themed Minecraft mods are going to be discussed today. In video games, magic systems have been around since the beginning.

1. Thaumcraft 

2. Wizardry 

3. Reliquary 

4. Blood Magic 

Minecraft realms mods 

Minecraft Realms does not currently support full modding. The Realms servers on mobile, console and Windows 10 do support add-ons and marketplace maps, while the Java edition supports a growing number of minigames and custom maps, according to Minecraft.

Minecraft quality of life mods 

When it comes to making Minecraft fun again, mods are a great way to do it. Minecraft quality-of-life mods are highlighted here, including some of the most popular ones: 

1. Optifine 

2. Litematica 

3. Mouse Tweaks 

Minecraft rpg mods 

Role-playing and adventure mods for Minecraft abound. Explore new items and vehicles in the vast majority of these games. This is the perfect list for Minecraft players who want to have a fun RPG experience and adventure while playing the game.

1. Roots 

2. Inventory Pets 

3. Astral Sorcery 

Minecraft dimension mods 

Three of Minecraft’s best dimension mods are as following: 

1. Runic Dungeons 

2. Dimensional Doors 

3. The Beneath 

Minecraft decoration mods 

Many long-time Minecraft players agree that the ability to customize their world through a variety of different decorative items is one of the best parts of the game.

The 3 best decoration mods are given below: 

1. DecoCraft 

2. Chisels and Bits 

3. Decorative 

Minecraft mining mods 

List of the best mining mods for Minecraft:

1. MiningCash Minecraft Mining Mod 

2. The Mining Dead 

3. Safe Mining 

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Minecraft client side mods 

A client mod is a modification made directly to the Minecraft game’s source code. Since they require the client to be modified, they do not qualify as custom clients. The jar file is a compressed archive. The list of our favourite client-side Minecraft mods is perfect if you’re playing on someone else’s server or just want to spice up Vanilla.

1. Mob Amputation Mod by Ichun 

2. Back Tools by Ichun 

3. Better Grass & Leaves Mod by Poersch 

Minecraft village mods 

Listed below are the best mods for Minecraft villages.

1. Minecraft Comes Alive. 

2. TekTopia. 

3. Mo’ Villages. 

Minecraft map mods 

As you explore, JourneyMap creates a map of your Minecraft world in real-time on both the client and the server. If you’re playing the game, you can view the map as a Minimap or Full-Screen in the game’s browser.

Minecraft pet mods 

Listed below are the top three Minecraft pet mods that add new creatures to the game.

1. Familiar Fauna Mod 

2. Animalium Mod 

3. JurassiCraft Mod. 

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