Most Popular Slime Rancher Mods Ever Created for Game

Slime Rancher Mods

The question arises that why we need Mods in any game and if you want to know the answer then you came to the right location. The answer is without using Mods you remain restricted to only gameplay and some of the game features which are only designed by the developer. Modes provide enhanced and extreme graphics, fix some game bugs, fresh quests and help you to improve the game. The mods have changed a lot in the gaming community. You can read about Slime Rancher Mods below in detail.

Slime Rancher is one of the top games as every gamer loves to play. If u want to have more fun while playing then you need to add some Mods to the game. Your gaming experience will become much better if you mod your Slime Rancher game. You can improve the game’s playability by adding a Mod.

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These innovations can help video games last longer and possibly attract a larger player base, benefiting both sides. Multiple intellectual properties would not exist today if it weren’t for modifying, therefore here are some of the modes. So, if you play Slime Rancher and want to have more fun, you need to install the mods listed below.

1) Shadow Slimes

The shadow slime is a lethal night predator that feeds on smaller slime. Shadow Slimes introduces a new slime species, the Shadow Slime. The Shadow Slime is created by leaving a Phosphor Rad Largo out in the sun, or by baking a Phosphor Rad Largo in the sun, whichever method you like. Shadow Slimes have a red-black vertical gradient, but be careful since they hurt when touched and can grow up to three times their size when irritated! Shadow Slimes consume chickens and don’t have a preferred food.

2) Vaccable Toys

This allows you to pick up items that you would normally be unable to pick up, such as logos, gold, and lucky slimes, and prevents them from running. Slime Toys can now be vacuumed up with this hack. There’s nothing much to say except that each Slime Toy now has a slew of new visuals.

3) Gold Largos

Here’s a mod that everyone might be familiar with. The Gold Largos mod adds Gold Largos for the following modded Slimes: Pink, Rock, Tabby, Phosphor, Rad, Boom, Crystal, Honey, Hunter, Puddle, Fire, Mosaic, Tangle, Dervish, Lucky, Quicksilver, Glitch, and Tarr.

Any modded slime should be able to produce gold largos.

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4) Singularity Slimes

The black hole slime and the white hole slime are new slimes added by this patch.

They are intrinsically related in the sense that a black hole cannot exist without a white hole and vice versa. If something enters a black hole slime and isn’t annihilated, it exits through a white hole. Food that enters the black hole emerges as a Singularity Plort from the white hole.

The black hole behaves like a black hole, sucking everything in, but the white hole blasts everything away.

Their effects also affect the player, unless you’re wearing the Gravity Cuffs, which require energy to keep you stationary near these slimes.

5) Shiny slimes

This mod aims to add rare variants to the slimes of the game. when a slime spawns it has a chance to randomly spawn as a shiny, appearing a different color and having an internal value that identifies it as a shiny. at the present moment, shinies function identically to the generates

 3-8 Pokemon games when compared to their original counterparts. They just look different. this however is intended to differ later on in development. As it currently stands, here’s a list of current features in the mod.

Every slime except for golds and pure sabers may spawn with a different appearance

special event skins for special occasions are possible.

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6) More Largos

This mod intends to add unusual types to the game’s slimes. When a slime spawns, it can spawn as a shiny, which appears a different color and contains an internal value that identifies it as a shiny. When compared to their original predecessors, shinies now function identically to generates 3-8 Pokemon games. They only differ in appearance. This is intended to change later in the development process. Here’s a rundown of the mod’s current features as they stand.

Except for golds and pure sabers, every slime can spawn with a distinct appearance, and special event skins for special occasions are possible.

7) More Commands

This mod is built to add different types of commands. This mod contributes to the addition of 16 new commands to the game. CTRL + Tab will take you to the SRML console. The commands are detailed below.

Place Gadget Site


Get Data

Set Data


Player Scale

Teleport Player (to look at the surface)

Teleport Player (to specific coordinates)

Attach Fashion Pod

Unlock Map Location

Force Treasure Pod

Give Gadget

Give Blueprint

Time Scale

Give Upgrade

8) SRML (Slime Rancher Mod Loader)

If you don’t know what you’re doing, modding Slime Rancher can be difficult. This article will assist you in modding Slime Rancher. There are two sorts of mods: SRML, which can be downloaded from and requires the Slime Rancher Mod Loader to work, and UMF, which requires a specific program to run in Slime Rancher.

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9) Colourful Slimes

This mod changes the game’s colors. Have you ever wished to make a few slime bricks that don’t cling together? Perhaps you’ve grown tired of a solitary green-colored sticky piston. No In any case, since you’re here, you might as well. If you don’t want to have fun, you can make colorful slime by combining a dye with eight non-colored slime balls.

A colorful slime ball can also be “uncolored” by washing it in a cauldron. Colored slime blocks have a unique property: they do not stick together.

10) Lucky plorts

If a Lucky Slime eats a Stony Hen, the Lucky Slime will not be catapulted into the air and will instead produce two Lucky Plorts. Lucky Slimes emit a peculiar jingling sound when approached and are only found in a few locations around the planet. From a distance of 25 units, a Lucky Slime on the ground can detect the player in its range of view. If this occurs, it will become entirely motionless and despawn after a few seconds. While motionless, it can still consume flesh. This mode has a very unique concept in this game.

11) Weather mod

Weather, or more particularly Rain, was initially scheduled to be an element in the game. It was used in the game’s prototype versions, but it has remained unused since the game’s public release; this mod re-enables it. Rain appears every 3-12 hours and used to be completely decorative; however, it now damages Tarr, refills Drones, and extinguishes Fire Slimes.


The whole article concludes that if you are a typical gamer who loves to play games then you have to add Modes to your game. This will give you a different experience while playing and you will not regret adding them. You will discover the game differently and find your game different from the game you were playing earlier without using modes. So in my opinion adding mods is a very suitable idea and it gives you immense joy

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