SideChef App Review: Free Recipes and Meal Planner

For all the busy bees out there, I found it; your 3 in 1 food recipe app that will make your life easier. If you struggle every day with deciding what to eat and when to cook, if planning and prepping is not quite your expertise, then SideChef app is exactly the meal planner you need!

Personalized Recipes

First thing, SideChef will ask you what your goal is, if you follow any diets or have any allergies. Then it will specially customize your home feed according to those preferences. For example, if you are following a keto diet and your goal is to lose weight, then the “for you” page will be only be filled with keto-friendly and low-calorie recipes.

Because who doesn’t love a recipe app that knows we have no self-control when a “rich fudgy brownies” recipe pops up in our feed…

Moving on, once your preferences are all setup, you will get a bunch of daily inspiration recipes that you can swipe through, as if you are looking for a tinder date. Start swiping, save whatever makes your stomach growl and begin planning your weekly meals.  

Meal Planner and Grocery Shopping

My favorite feature was the collection of recipes such as “Quick and Budget-Friendly Dinners” that you can quickly add to your weekly meal plan. Not only did you figure out what you will be having each day of the week, but the biggest dilemma of creating a shopping list for all recipes is done with just a press of a button. Simply tap “add to cart”, and all ingredients will be added according to the serving size and measurement chosen (US or metric). It will even categorize your ingredients into sections such as baking, vegetables, dairy, deli, which may make the list look longer, but definitely more organized.

Smart Features

Sometimes you will hesitate to add a recipe because of an unfamiliar ingredient that you have never used before. Do not worry, SideChef takes into consideration that not everyone is a food expert. It will provide you with a picture and brief of the ingredient you are curious about. They will also give you tips on how to select and store the item. So you can stop calling your mum in the middle of the supermarket asking how to buy the right watermelon.

Additionally, let’s say you want to find a way to use an ingredient that is about to go bad. SideChef will come to the rescue. All you need to do is put in the ingredient into the search engine (you can add more than one as well), and it will give all kinds of recipes that uses these items. Another thing this search engine will impress you with is the endless filtering options. Starting from total time of recipe to calories per serving, you can limit your results to save time searching. You can also choose your occasion, budget, type of dish, or even appliances you have available in your kitchen.

Cooking with a SideChef

Meal plan for the week – Done

Grocery list & shopping – Done

Now let’s start cooking with this super easy beginner-friendly app!

I opened the first recipe listed in my meal planner and started going through the directions. I noticed a “step-by-step” mode, which will take you gradually through the recipe, with pictures of each step for guidance. Each page mentions which items you will be using now, so that you don’t have to keep going back to the list and double-check the measurements. It also has a voice command which will read each step out loud for you, and an automatic timer in case you have a memory of a goldfish.

Step-by-Step Mode

Is there anything SideChef does not do?

Well, it does not offer all the recipes and features for free users. In order to get your hands on exclusive recipes and on-demand cooking classes, a premium subscription will be needed which costs $5 per month. It also offers personalized recommendations based on your diet or preferences, and more cooking tips and techniques. Anyone interested in stepping up their kitchen game and improving their cooking experience will definitely enjoy being a premium user.

Other than that, the free version will do the job in finding perfectly suited recipes for you, organize your weekly meal plan, create grocery lists, and easily guide you in the kitchen. 

Being the helpful meal planner app SideChef is, it will become a big part of your cooking experience. Once you start relying on it, the kitchen will become less intimidating and food will be tastier than ever. Now go on and start chopping with your mind at ease; your SideChef will do all the hard work for you.

You can download the SideChef app on both iOS and Android

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