Roblox Error Code 279 – Everything You Need to Know

Roblox Error Code 279

Roblox permits the users to create different games. It also allows the players to play multiplayer games which are created by other platform users. It was incepted in 2005. Since then, it has grown gradually in popularity, and games on this platform are quite enjoyable. It is available on Android and iOS and Xbox too. When players are playing this game, they complain that they face problems during gaming and are unable to connect to the main server. Roblox error code 279 is displayed to the game players. It is usually an internet problem. Read everything about Roblox Error code 279 below.

This may be due to different reasons, there may be a problem with the windows firewall. There may be some kind of problem in the game you are playing. We have listed some of the problems below with the solutions below. Let’s get started:

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 What Could Be the Causes of the error?

If there is any problem in the game you are playing or something else may cause this error. The error may be due to an error in the windows firewall.

The error code 279 points to the fact that your device is the cause of the error. Let’s have a look at some important points:

Slow Internet Access

Do you face the problem of a slow internet connection? You can check this problem if the game doesn’t open quickly or takes longer time than the usual time. This internet problem may give rise to Roblox error 279 or error 277.

Play the Roblox game

The problem may cause effects on a small Number of gaming servers simultaneously. Maybe the game has many items or things to handle. If this problem causes an effect on few servers you may report it to the game developers and your problem can be solved within no time.

Firewall in Windows

The error may be due to the windows firewall. If it is configured improperly it may lead to error 279.

 Windows firewall should make proper connections for quick and right access otherwise access will be denied.

Solutions of Roblox error 279

Let’s look at some of the possible solutions to error number 279:

 Solution#1: Make sure that the windows firewall makes the right connection

It may be done by disabling your windows firewall for a short period. After this try to reconnect to the Roblox. Now see if the error occurs or not. If there is no problem now, then the windows firewall was causing the problem and you can access Roblox by simply turning it off and on steps.

You can do this by the following steps:

  • Go to the Start menu for the first step.
  • Type in the search box and search for windows defender firewall
  • Then turn it on or off by tapping on the specific button on the left side of the screen.
  • Check the square which is near the turn off button in the specific sections
  • Click on the Ok button.

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Solution #2: Try another browser for a better experience

 If you are not connected to the game with the help of an application that is on your device or any system, you would need a specified browser to play the game without any error. You cannot play Roblox without error on any browser. There are specific browsers that help you to play the game which are Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. Firefox also helps the same way. Some users may face a problem with one of these browsers too.

Always keep your browser updated because older versions may be the cause of the errors.

Solution #3: Turn the 3rd party browsers off

Add ons of some browsers may cause Roblox errors. There are some issues due to the advertisement blocking services and the game wouldn’t be loaded

 Once you have turned off the 3rd party browsers, try to restart your game.

No website in the world would like that you take their money away from them. Roblox does not allow people to play the games. Thus it would be nice if you turn the extensions of the browser. This will help you to play the game uninterruptedly.

Solution #4: Open all the ports which are needed.

Open all the needed ports for Roblox if you haven’t opened them yet. Now try to connect to Roblox and the error 279 would not appear now and it should be avoided now.

You can do this in the following steps

  • Have an access to the control panel of the router by becoming an administrator.
  • There is a port forwarding title or category there. Place your IP address there.
  • Now write the range of the port which is 49152_65535.
  • Now click on UDP
  • Now try to access Roblox by restarting your Pc and router.

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Solution# 5: your software of antivirus should be turned off

Any antivirus software in the world interferes with the gaming thing and it does not allow you to play games uninterruptedly. If this is the case then disable your antivirus system as soon as possible. You may turn the antivirus software off once or for a lifetime. Now try to check if the problem still exists or not. If the error remains then you would have to uninstall Roblox. After that try to reinstall it.

How would you be sure that Roblox has not connected to the game- Evidence

 There are some points and things that will help you to figure out that Roblox has not connected to the game you want to play. And it will lead to the problem that is Roblox error 279. The indications of Roblox error 279 are listed below:

If your game takes much longer time than it usually takes to load then there is Roblox error 279. You may face this problem when you start the game you want to play. Loading the screen will take more time than normal time. And the games will notify you when they are turned off during different intervals of time. The reasons for Roblox error 279 have been discussed above in detail. You may have a look at the particular reason for Roblox error 279.

  • If you are facing a problem in the working of Windows firewall then there may be a conclusion of Roblox error 279.
  • Slow internet connection is strong evidence of Roblox error 279.

 Roblox error may occur when you play a large game of Roblox but with the slowest internet speed. This is usually like this due to slow internet speed. It happens because the game map takes a much higher internet connection with a higher speed to be loaded and it takes a lot of time. The error 279 would appear if you are striving to rejoin or stop the game without trying to exit properly.

  • You would have to wait a long time if the map of the game is loading for a longer time. But if the game map loading takes much longer time than the usual or Normal time then the conclusion or result is that the game is empty and there is no item in there to load. Now you should simply quit the game. Try to play something else of your interest.

Try to find different solutions for the error.


We have discussed the problems and many solutions of the Roblox error 279 and hopefully one of these solutions would help you out if not all do. But if in any case none of them works for you then there would be a problem with your device that is a computer, laptop or Mobile. Hope you love reading about Roblox Error code 279.

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