ROBLOX Error Code 267 – Solution to Popular Roblox Error

ROBLOX Error Code 267


ROBLOX Error Code 267 is a message that is shown when an admin script boots a user from a game. ROBLOX is essentially not to fault for this mistake. Rather, the main source of this problem is the illegal injection of the game creator. Roblox tries to prevent hacking by deleting a player when a game detects suspicious behavior by a player.

Why was I kicked out of the game

The big irritating question is why I was kicked out of the game or why the screen appears with a message showing an error. Roblox frequently pulls you away from the game when you play Adopt Me for more than five hours.

Don’t be worried. Don’t be concerned. I found out why Roblox continues to give you the error message DISCONNECTED: After analyzing many case studies, you were booted from this game [Error Code 267].

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Reasons for being kicked out

However, there are several possible causes for being kicked out of the game. Indeed, ROBLOX provides one argument for doing so. Certain games delete accounts that are less than 30 days old automatically. Therefore, do not be worried. In this case, play a different game. The amount of games accessible on Roblox is incalculable.

Consider the note carefully. You’ll get a notice that reads “You were kicked from this game: Self Moderate,” “You were kicked from this game: Server Banned,” or “Kicked by Server.”

ROBLOX players will see both of these warnings if they have a problem with their Windows Firewall or a malfunctioning Avast antivirus, a sluggish Internet connection, or even if their Roblox game data is empty.

Are you frequently booted out of a certain game? The following are some of the explanations of this matter

Windows Firewall

The first reason for being kicked out is that firewall issues may arise as a consequence of a low bandwidth connection or an inconsistent wireless connection. Consider disabling your firewall before running the Roblox application.

Blank Game

If there is no material in the game, it will not load. Because the game’s developer did not create anything inside the game, you are encountering this problem.

Delayed Internet Connection

The map may take a long time to download if you play ROBLOX on a bad internet connection and the game is big. A quick method to repair a delayed internet connection is to download a high-quality VPN and link it to a better network connection zone.

Banned player

You will be kicked out if you attempted to hack a game and were thrown out, you are likely not able to play it again until you are unbanned. Admin programs in Roblox games execute the Ban command.

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How can you fix ROBLOX Error Code 267

These were all the reasons why you were kicked out of the game. Now I will tell you how to not be kicked out of the game and some fixing methods of this error. It makes no difference whether you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 10. The only thing that counts is that you solve the mistake of being booted out of the game.

The methods to repair ROBLOX Error Code 267 are as follows:

1) Check the Wireless Connection

I hope you were paying close attention to the warning Error 267. You will get the message “DISCONNECTED: You have been booted from this game [Error Code 267]”.

Check to verify whether your internet connection is stable before proceeding.

  • To launch the Settings window, press the Win + I keys together.
  • Choose Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Internet Connections from the drop-down menu.
  • Run the Troubleshooter to allow Windows to identify and resolve any Internet-related issues.

To verify that your computer’s internet connection is working properly, connect it through the Wired Cable. Reset your internet connection is required. Proceed to the following step if the network connection is not the cause of the issue.

When you first begin the game, make sure to clear the cache on your browser. Otherwise, it will indicate that the results are no longer current.

2) Chrome should be your browser default

Most ROBLOX users make a mistake in playing the game with an obsolete browser. This results in erroneous errors while launching ROBLOX. The easiest solution to this problem is to upgrade your browser.

Use Google Chrome, the world’s most popular browser. Go to Help > Google Chrome for additional information about Google Chrome. Chrome should check for updates and immediately install the latest version.

3) Reset your browser’s settings

The simplest and most effective way to resolve Error 267 is to just reset your Internet Options. The players deemed this measure to be successful. To do this Simple Reset, you must follow the steps below:

Change to your default browser (Google Chrome is suggested). By selecting the gear icon, you may access Internet settings. To begin, go to the Advanced tab. After selecting the Reset option, close the browser. Restart ROBLOX.

4) Review your browser’s security settings

Verify that ROBLOX is permitted to operate in your browser’s security settings. Occasionally, a simple solution such as this one may help you in resolving Error codes. You may change the security settings of your browser at any moment. Therefore, do not be scared to dig about in the settings menu of your browser.

5) Ad-blockers should be disabled

Since an irritating ad blocker may prevent a game from starting, ensure it is deactivated before any ROBLOX game starts.

You can manage your extensions using Google Chrome Settings. Deactivate any currently installed AdBlockers and restart Roblox. This is your problem’s easiest answer.

6) Roblox Error Code 267 bypass

If none of these methods has succeeded, you may bypass the Error Code.

Updates to Roblox frequently include bug patches. It may take some time, but it’s worth the effort.

First, you need to uninstall Roblox and get the latest version. Then install the program to repair it on your computer. You may remove Roblox Player by going to Control Panel > Uninstall Program > Roblox Player.

This time, start the game with a better-grade VPN to avoid the ROBLOX issue 267. You may register a new Roblox account with another email address if you like. In a single operation, any error messages are flushed out.

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7) Update Network Drivers

You must maintain your drivers updated, since slow internet connections may contribute to the problem. Because of the possibility of sluggish internet connections contributing to the issue, you must keep your drivers up to date.

Search for Device Manager using the Cortana virtual assistant in Windows. Manually check to see whether the Network Adapters’ drivers are up to current on your computer. A threat indicator is shown on the driver’s side of the vehicle for your convenience. After you’ve updated the driver through the web, you must restart Roblox.


So the conclusion is that the most annoying msg that appears on your screen is 5tah you are DISCONNECTED or Error Code 267: You have been ejected from this game [Error Code 267] may indicate a serious error. Fortunately, it is one of the most straightforward diseases to treat. I understand how annoying it may be to be unable to play your favorite game due to these seemingly random problems.

But now it won’t be a big issue for you as I have mentioned everything in the above article. I have talked about everything from reasons of being kicked out to how you can fix these errors. So I think I have done my work now it’s your time to fix these errors and play your game with more fun

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