Personal Loan application can be made via Post Office. You can apply in Post Office branches for Personal Loan 2019 2020 rates offers are quite attractive

Post Office Personal Loan

If you want to fulfill your dreams, if the financial reserves and resources are insufficient, Post Office Personal Loan is certainly a very good decision. Whether you are looking for a new interior for the living room or cash for holiday. Post Office Personal loans are provided with 3.1% APR Representative (Fixed) on loans from £15,001 – £25,000. Post Office Personal Loan Applications are usually finalized instantly. Depending on the amount you have borrowed, repayment schedule dates between 1-7 years. You can withdraw your Personal Loan next day and also applying for loan does not affect your Credit Score. Your quick Personal Loan might be around the corner! Post Office provides a wide range of banking services all over UK. Post Office Banking Services are straightforward and easy to use. Post Office Personal Loans are provided by Bank of Ireland UK. Post Office Limited is a credit broker and not […]

The various areas of Finance

What is Finance? Finance is a special sector which involves investing or allocating the resources for a calculated period of time. Usually, this investment involves risk and uncertainty. You can consider Finance as a money-making and management art. There are three major areas of finance. Financial market participants strive to price their liabilities depending on their level of risks, dangers, primary value and their anticipated rate of return. Finance involves a wide range of topics such as Interest rates, yield, cash flow, dividends and much more. Finance can be easily divided into three main areas, namely, public finance, corporate finance, and personal finance. The three major areas of Finance Personal Finance In this area of Finance, financial management involves an individual or a family. An individual or a whole family performs financial management for their own assets and liabilities. They procure, save and invest their money by taking into account […]

Why Equity is not safe in the long term

In most cases, people risk so much when they believe the myth saying equity is safe in the long term. Nearly every person accepts and believes that in the long term, equity is safe. For instance, nearly everyone believes that in case you will be retiring for over five to ten years to come, then investing a huge amount of your net worth in the equity is safe. But, this myth has been dismissed by all finance principles, theory, and data. Further, believing in this myth might have serious consequences sometime in the next decade or so. The statement “Equity is safe in the long term” is a useless statement which cannot be tested. In fact, an exact copy of this statement is that “Holding equity for at least five or ten years, you are certain it will fit inflation. Also, on average, it will make more returns than inflation.” […]