OpenGL Error 1281 – Special Guide With Solutions

OpenGL Error 1281

Numerous users have reported encountering OpenGL error 1281 on a range of operating systems and online forums, casting doubt on both the issue and the technique. The OpenGL option is a gaming set that accelerates the game and makes it run more smoothly on the PC. By working within the Minecraft game, the process should be able to quickly alleviate the operating system’s rendering load.

Minecraft OpenGL error 1281 is triggered by a configuration setting that should ensure the game uses the GPU only when the gamer’s direct view is active, but does not. As a result, several users who encountered the pop-up voiced their unhappiness with the mistake. Along with the OpenGL issue, other errors may arise, all of which are fixable.

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OpenGL encounters a 1281 error. (a value that is not valid) When Minecraft initially appears, no one is sure what to do or how to get started. By default, the function is activated, and it enables players to boost their overall performance. The bulk of issues are caused by presently active third-party variables or modules. It is feasible to overcome these issues about incompatibility or concurrency. Therefore, do not panic if you see the Minecraft OpenGL error 1281 and believe your game is infected. Nothing is more dangerous than malware, which might be causing the error message

The OpenGL error 1281 is a common error message that arises when playing Minecraft (invalid value). When it comes to Minecraft, the OpenGL issue is rather prevalent, but it can be resolved in a few simple steps. This article  has been organized in the following manner to assist you in repairing and mending Minecraft OpenGL errors

OpenGL Error 1281 - Special Guide With Solutions

OpenGL Error 1281 causing factors

OpenGL error 1281 (invalid value) can occur for a variety of different causes in Minecraft. The OpenGL problem in Minecraft can be linked to a variety of causes, including the following:

  • Modifications
  • Settings for the graphics
  • Drivers for graphics cards

Any one of the three components itemized above can return OpenGL error 1281.

The other reason for the creation of OpenGL error 1281 is Shaders, which are often imported by the user in customized Minecraft versions, maybe the source of OpenGL error 1281. The issue is caused by incorrect or defective computer settings. Synchronization, update, and out-of-date data issues are all possible contributors. When creating your gaming application, keep the Java script in mind. If certain Java prerequisites are installed automatically, files may be missing, resulting in an error number of 1281.

I have provided solutions and procedures to correct this Minecraft error and get your game
working perfectly again.

How to fix OpenGL error 1281?

The most often occurring issue in Minecraft is the OpenGL error 1281. Individuals usually opt to play in a completely customized version of the Minecraft world. As a result, mod modules are more than likely to cause compatibility issues with your game program. Before looking for solutions to OpenGL error 1281, make certain that no files or system problems are causing the problem or causing additional disruptions. To conclude the procedure, Reimage should be utilized. Then verify that you are logged in as an administrator on the computer and are connected to the internet via a functional internet connection. You may now review the given solutions.

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1) Remove all the Shaders

Players may construct their terrains and settings with these Minecraft add-ons. Because shaders use app resources, they may clash with other mod modules. This is a little mod that allows for the modification of a few parameters. If you believe you may need them again, you may choose to deactivate them or copy and paste them to another location on your computer or device.

OpenGL Error 1281 - Special Guide With Solutions

2) Disable Mods

The bulk of gamers make use of Minecraft OpenGL mods to enhance their gaming experience. While these mods are excellent, they are incompatible with the vanilla Minecraft game. You may need to deactivate modifications sequentially to determine which mod is causing the issue. If the OpenGL issue continues after removing all modifications, you will know that mods are not creating this error. In that scenario just simply activate your mods and enjoy playing your game with these mods

Disable Mods

3) Update drivers to fix OpenGL error 1281

If you lack the patience or time to perform the task manually, you may utilize third-party programs to perform the task for you, but you risk obtaining a rogue utility called PUP in place of the legitimate driver updater. If you want to manually upgrade drivers, you’ll need to go to the manufacturer’s website and obtain the most recent version of the device’s driver. Download and install the driver software on your computer. Pay great attention to the details. Small things matter a lot.

4) Disable Show GL errors

There is an option that allows you to disable the display of GL error 1281 in your Minecraft

Disable Show GL errors
  • Navigate to the Options menu when playing Minecraft.
  • After you’ve discovered Video choices, navigate to Others.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Show GL faults and turn the option OFF.
  • Your settings will be retained when restarting your computer.
  • By upgrading OptiFine, the OpenGL error 1281 has been resolved.

5) Update OptiFine to fix OpenGL error 1281

OptiFine is a third-party application that may result in the occurrence of the OpenGL fault 1281. The steps for upgrading the program are as follows:

  • Please visit this page to obtain access to the OptiFine download center.
  • Locate and download the software’s most recent version.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Restart the computer to ensure that the changes take effect.

6) Java Update

Minecraft was created using the Java programming language. Certain Java files are downloaded and installed as part of the Minecraft download and installation process.Java is a programming language for creating apps and video games. Minecraft OpenGL error 1281 may occur if any of these files are missing or out of date. This issue may be resolved by uninstalling Minecraft and reinstalling the most recent version.

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7) Graphics Card Update

Minecraft OpenGL error 1281 may be caused by an out-of-date or missing graphics card driver. When a graphics card driver is at fault, the most efficient way to resolve OpenGL error 1281 is to upgrade the graphics card’s driver. When it comes to upgrading your graphics card driver, you have two choices: easy or complex. The difficult way is for you to go to the website of the video card manufacturer and look for the most current driver update for your computer, which is not recommended.

Once you’ve obtained it, download and install it on your computer. This is the most difficult way to take since it requires patience as well as computer proficiency to accomplish. The installation of the Driver Easy program is a straightforward solution. As soon as you run this program, it will automatically recognize your computer system and locate the proper driver.

Without having to worry about locating the correct driver for your system, or figuring out how to download and install it, Driver Easy will take care of everything for you

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to get started using Driver Easy:

  • To begin, you must download and install the required software.
  • Open the application and click the drop-down option next to “Scan Now.”
  • Since a consequence of the scan, you will be able to identify any faulty drivers in your system, as they will be highlighted.
  • The Update button will be placed next to the marked graphic card. When you click the button, the relevant card is instantly downloaded for you


In Minecraft, any of the above techniques listed above should be effective in fixing the OpenGL error 1281 (invalid value) that you are experiencing. Take the time to experiment with each solution since they have all been tested and shown to be effective in solving GL issue 1281. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments section and I will do my best to assist you. Let’s raise a glass to a memorable gaming experience.

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