Nike Training Club App Review: Best Free Workout App 2022

We all can agree that the Nike brand speaks for itself… Let’s skip the introduction and talk about their free workout application which got everyone on their feet.

The Nike Training Club app (NTC) was launched a decade ago, and like all apps, it had a free and a premium version. But during the pandemic, Nike decided to be the light at the end of a lazy tunnel. Since 2020, The NTC app became a completely free app with all the premium features it has to offer.

What is the Nike Training Club App?

The NTC app was created for everybody. Whether you want to start your fitness journey, develop new habits, or need a little push to reach your goal. You will get free content and guidance from well-known trainers and experts. Not only to strengthen your body, but your mindset as well.

The NTC Workouts

Once you sign up to the app, you will be able to browse through over 200 different exercises. They are categorized to suit all needs such as muscle groups, workout focus, and equipment use.

Browse NTC Categories

Even if you are looking for something specific, you can use their simple search engine. For example, if you want a quick sweat, you can either scroll through the “short workouts” category, or just search for “quick” to get a variety of results.

NTC Categories and Search Engine

Don’t be afraid to click on something that looks hardcore. All workouts will give you the time frame, intensity level and if it’s beginner-friendly or advanced. You can press play and it will give you a quick brief on the workout as well. So, feel free to skip it and find something that you are more comfortable with.

All workouts come with a series of tutorial steps and voice command, giving you detailed techniques or alarm drills to begin. But if you prefer to have it on mute and blast your music, you can always change the settings to have the audio on full, basic or none at all.

A quick GIF to start a workout.

Before you give yourself a pat on the back for finishing your exercise, they will ask you to rate the intensity of the training from 1 – 10 (extremely light to max effort). You can also state if you completed the exercise at home, the gym or outside. This personalized touch allows the app to track your fitness over time and give workouts suggestions for next time on the ‘for you’ page.

NTC ‘For You’ Page & Rate your Workout Feature

Now if you feel those tutorial workouts are not your cup of tea, then the ‘Nike trainer-led classes‘ are your ultimate go-to videos.

Who are the Nike Training Club Trainers and Wellness Experts?

Nike has gathered experts from around the world with different backgrounds and expertise. From yoga to high-intensity training, each trainer provides a series of videos that will get you up and running to reach your goal.

Their wellness experts on the other hand offer a wide range of tips, advice and healthy recipes. They do not just focus on fitness, but they tackle other life-style attributes such as nutrition, recovery, sleep and most importantly mindset.

Browse through Trainers and Expert Tips

Everything sounds good so far. However, do you have a problem with actually starting? Are you afraid of not committing?

Then you need to start facing your fears and hop into one of NTC’s programs.

What are the Nike Training Club Programs?

The app provides a variety of plans depending on your goal, each with a sneak-peek trailer of what to expect. What equipment do you need? Is it suitable for home or the gym? How many times a week will you be training? Each program will give you all the details before you begin, so you can be 100% sure that this is the perfect fit for you!

Choose & Start an NTC Program

More Reasons to Download the NTC App

NTC Workout Collections

Are programs too long to commit, and workouts too short for you? Say no more, and head to the variety of collections that Nike has created to “boost your mood” or “workout in small spaces.” A group of exercises are put together to complete a whole routine that will leave you satisfied for the day. 

NTC Workout Collection

Save your Activity & Share your Achievements

The app will record all your workouts in the activity tab. You can also add your own exercises manually, for example a run or a swim. Not only will you keep track of your progress, but your friends can too! Just add them on the NTC app and start sharing your achievements and milestones. A little healthy competition is a great way to keep each other motivated.

Track your Training and Share your Milestones

Free Nike Membership

When you sign up to the Nike Training Club app, you automatically become a Nike Member. This means you get access to ‘member-exclusive’ products, first dibs on promotions and personalized service when visiting any Nike store. (All you have to do is show them your QR code found on your profile)

Nike Membership

Final Thoughts: Is the Nike Training Club App the Best Free Workout App for 2022?

I can genuinely say that the Nike Training Club app is the most impressive free workout app I have crossed so far

I know I haven’t mentioned any of the cons, because I really couldn’t find any. The only downside I can talk about is the battery draining and storage using. Because every workout has to be downloaded, it takes up a lot of space and consumes your phone’s charge. I definitely don’t think it’s a big deal. I feel like we all end up charging our mobiles a couple of times a day anyway.

Other than that, it’s a straight-to-the-point app that gives you so many options without confusing you. Every workout and program comes with details or even trailers, so you know exactly what you’re doing.

To sum it up, Nike has created a free personal trainer through a simple design, strong graphics and seamlessly fitting content.

For everyone who’s saying they will “start working out tomorrow” and tomorrow never comes: no more excuses. Nike is giving you everything you need on a silver platter. All you have to do now is Just Do It! Start your journey and dive into the world of wellness.

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