Nft Games Like MIR4

nft games like mir4

Blockchain-based games offer people a whole new way to make money. And tokens for a new online multiplayer RPG (MMORPG) called MIR4 called DRACO have increased by 200% in the first 24 hours after launch.

The popularity of the game, despite many negative reviews online and on mobile devices, is due to the fact that players can mine cryptocurrencies while playing. You can change these tokens for dollars to spend in the real world.

The role of blockchain in games has been a hot topic since non-fungible tokens (NFTs) started to gain importance. Axie Infinity, another play-to-win game based on the Pokémon Go concept of collecting “pets,” recently grossed $1 billion. Recently, the NFT-based game generated nearly $780 million in sales for 1.4 million transactions.

What is MIR4?


MIR4 was created by South Korean video game developer WeMade Co Limited, and it is available in 12 languages ​​in 170 countries.

The game lets its players collect utility tokens that they call DRACO. You can exchange DRACO for “Darksteel” a game resource. Alternatively, players can draw Darksteel when they complete tasks and spend more time in the game. Once they have enough Darksteel, they can be turned into DRACO.

Utility tokens such as DRACO are blockchain-based. They are used to fund a business, product, or project. In this instance, the users who purchase DRACO, in turn, will help the developers finance the game.

How about playing other similar NFT games like MIR4 and making some cash?

With the madness of NFT games and the possibility of making money by playing them, it’s necessary to keep an eye out for new games. So, you can earn money while enjoying games which are in your style. Let’s list some of the 


What is CrossLink? “CrossLink,” a game that connects the real and the virtual! A brand new gaming experience that combines GPS and games, you get to send heroes all over the Earth to challenge alien life! Win boss fights and earn luxury rewards. 

Virtua Earth

This is a truly addictive mobile, AR, and VR collection platform with unique blockchain-enabled social, gaming, and creative experiences. Imagine you have a rare car that you can show off or even compete on a virtual track against other players. Maybe you can have a unique spaceship to show off or explore in VR space? Or you might want to showcase your collection of digital vinyl album covers, which can also unlock music, all in your personal living room. All this is possible at Terra Virtua. Your experience begins with owning your unique digital assets.

Northern Guilds

Northern Guilds MIR4

Northern Guilds tells a story and gives players the opportunity to write their legacy in the most beautiful, creative, and imaginative way they choose. Whether you are on the journey with friends or alone, the story of the Northern Guild is your story; Midgard is your sphere, and your adventure will be written in the sands of time for millennia. You also earn while playing this amazing game.

Alien Worlds

Aliens World

Join the nearly 4 million explorers traveling the social Metaverse – Compete for governance and control over the resources of the six planetary DAOs – Play NFT and Trillium for Me games. What would you do if you could create something in the world? Take part in the simulation of the Earth’s economy alien worlds using the Trillium Game Token (TLM). Track your fortune and thrive in Trillium and NFT Social Metaverse. Start by browsing the wormhole at and start mining at

TCG World

This is the world’s largest open blockchain game based on blockchain, where players can earn TCGCoin 2.0, collect NFT collectibles, own virtual real estate, create, explore the game world, control their business online or just have fun. . TCG World introduces a new approach to NFTs, making it more than just a work of art – players can now bring their NFTs into the world of virtual gaming. Everything a player has in the Metaverse is an NFT: real estate, vehicles, pets, trophies, and even player avatars. 

Project Quantum


Humanity is about to be discovered, and space travel is making giant strides in the universe, creating the first colonization on a distant planet. Mankind, together, holding its breath until this moment. Project Quantum brings AAA gaming into the 21st century with our unique Unreal 5-based IP, with cryptocurrency at the heart of the economy. Their unique model allows players to enjoy instant open-world exploration, intense PVP and high-risk PVE combat, unprecedented character customization while still being able to win as they play. 

Legends of Bezogia

Bezogia mir4
Legends Of Bezogia

Bezogii may look cute on the outside, but behind those adorable puppy eyes lie spooky warriors who steal the lands of Bezogia to find blocks to beat mythical weapons and summon more Bezogi. Build your Bezogi collection, legendary craft weapons, and loot resources, all using cutting-edge Blockchain technology. Item Coinage legendary weapons and items from the lands of Bezogia are minted directly from the blocks. Use your blocks to mint weapons and legendary items such as the Green Candle, a sword powerful enough to smash a skull or ten, often used to ignite.

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is not a typical TCG experience. Choose your package, earn faction campaigns, explore dungeons for rewards, and enjoy the glory of PvP. Characters use character cards in battle and collect more as they defeat their enemies. Combine character cards to create higher-level cards, increasing attack power, health points, character abilities, and sometimes adding new abilities. Campaigns each race has its own campaign. Advance in the campaigns to learn the skills of the character and collect the character books as.

Crazy Defense Heroes 

Crazy Defense Heroes

Play to earn TOWER tokens every day! Crazy Defense Heroes game is a mobile tower defense game that combines free play and winning play. The new “Daily Star Chest” event to play is now available in the Crazy Defense Heroes mobile game. Crazy Defense Heroes mobile game is the basis of a tower defense blockchain game that uses non-fungible tokens and TOWER ERC-20. The game will be a defense game that will bring the basics of the Crazy Defense Heroes and Crazy Kings mobile games to the blockchain.

Bottom Line

I hope this list of games helps you find something interesting and profitable to pass the time. Having fun and paying your bills are two very important points in life, and it’s good that we have managed to combine the two, right?

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