10 My Time at Portia Mods to Customize Your Gaming World!

My Time at Portia Mods

This will be an article about the game My Time at Portia, providing basic information about the game, such as platforms it’s available on, publishers, and what kind of game it is. In addition, we’ll go over a list of the greatest time Portia modifications for 2020. Use the links provided on this page to learn how to run faster, swim faster, teleport, and much more. everything about My Time at Portia Mods is explained below.

My Time at Portia is an RPG game created by Pathea Games and published by Team 17 Digital Limited that was first released on January 23, 2018. It incorporates elements of role-playing video games as well as stimulating games.

It takes place on Portia’s planet in a post-apocalyptic setting. Humans are few and far between in this land, which is littered with remnants from the past. The game’s purpose is to allow you, the player, to more or less manufacture goods out of relics to improve civilization as a whole.

Aside from everything else the game has to offer, there’s a lot of fun to be had with mods. And I’ll list all of the best ones I’ve found so far here.

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Run Faster

Install this mod to speed up jumping and running in this game, as well as to substitute the jet pack with a jump while in the mines. It was made on Nexus mods by aedenthorn.

Adjusts the game’s running speed to the greatest available settings, allowing you to make goods in a fun and enjoyable manner. It’s not instant, but it’ll suffice if you don’t have the patience to wait.

Click the following link for more information about the mod’s requirements and how to use it:



It can take some time to get around Portia. While it’s always nice to take in the scenery and meet some new people along the route, there are times when you just want to get things done. Whether you’re squeezing in a few minutes of a game between real-world obligations or you’ve just circled Portia too many times, teleport is the answer to your problems. The mod is straightforward.

Get this mod from here.


In My Time at Portia, the weather isn’t a big deal. It’s usually established in the morning and stays that way for the rest of the day, which isn’t at all realistic. Dynamic Weather adds realism to the game by allowing users to create diverse weather events that can occur at any time during the day.

The weather is randomized, but it is appropriate for the season in the game, which is a great touch.

Another interesting feature is that your birthday will always be sunny. As a result, you should be free to do whatever you desire. It’s your birthday, so go ahead and do anything you want!

Get this mode from here.

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Multiple Romances

If monogamy isn’t for you, you’ll want to get Multiple Romances installed as soon as possible. The mod essentially removes the game’s jealousy logic, allowing you to have numerous lovers at the same time. Let good things happen.

Even if you’re married, you’ll be allowed to create new love relationships and even have many wives if that’s your thing.

Portia has a lot of potential romantic interests, and Multiple Romances eliminates the need to pick one. Why pick between them when you can have them all?

Get this mod from here.


This has to be one of the most inventive mods I’ve ever seen for any game – and I’ve seen a lot. Television in My Time at Portia allows you to watch whatever you want on the in-game television. Custom videos can be placed in the assets folder, and voila! On the in-game TV, you’ll have your video playing. One of the best My Time at Portia Mods on our list.

If you’re not impressed by it, you’re probably a robot. Alternatively, someone who despises television.

Get this mod from here.


Although there are bodies of water in Portia, the game does not provide you with the ability to swim.

Isn’t it a bummer? Aedenthorn, the Modder, felt compelled to take action. And the result is straightforward: a mod that allows you to swim! This disables the game’s feature that causes you to teleport back to land if you enter a body of water. Instead of being teleported out, you’ll be able to take a brief plunge in the ocean.

Because the game does not contain swimming movements, the animations may be a touch shaky, but does it matter? Let’s just enjoy the vista while you’re swimming.

Get this mod from here.

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Better Immersion

User Vrakyas, one of the more intriguing mods on the list, sought to bring some reality to the game, making it a little tougher. He accomplishes this by making the stamina system more immersive, as well as adding some negative implications for overexerting your character. When your character gets too exhausted, and even more so when you pass out from too much work, you’ll lose stamina points.

Vrakyas, on the other hand, offered a few bonuses to balance things out. These aid in the recovery of stamina while at rest.

Get this mod from here.

Auto Wakeup Mod

Auto Wake Up is a basic quality of life mod that alleviates some of the game’s monotony. My Time at Portia takes micromanagement to a new level, requiring you to click a button every morning only to wake up from a nap. This just bypasses that requirement, causing your character to get up and get out of bed automatically every morning.

The mod offers a 15% chance that your character will sleep for 30 minutes longer than usual, however, this may also be modified to personal desire in the options menu.

Get this mod from here.

Penny Comes Back

Consider this your spoiler alert because this is a bit of a spoiler. Penny is one of the more endearing characters in the book Portia. She doesn’t stay for very long, unfortunately. One of the best My Time at Portia Mods on our list.

She appears for a few missions throughout the game, and her plot concludes with a concert (since she is a singer). You won’t have to say goodbye to Penny for good in “Penny Comes Back.” The mod requires her to return to Portia after her performance, reassemble her stage, and resume her performance.

Get this mod from here.

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Clarity Reshade

Before we get into all of the fun stuff we can do with My Time at Portia mods, let’s focus on making the game look as good as it can. To begin, the Clarity Reshade is a fantastic minor graphical enhancement that improves the overall clarity of the game.

It gets rid of the game’s hazy/dreamy aesthetic and replaces it with much more brilliant colors. I think everything looks better with this turned on, so I strongly suggest you get it.

Get this mod from here.


There are also mods in which you can customize yourself, change your clothes and behavior making it more real like life. There is a mod in which you can make the days in the game longer so that you can have more fun throughout the day.

For your convenience, all of the mods have been listed. Now it’s up to you to decide which mod you want to use and which will assist you to have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

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