Hulu Error Code P-Dev320 – Fixed

Hulu Error Code P-Dev320

Hulu is a subscription service where millions of people watch their favorite content. The content can be quite versatile. From short videos or movies to live TV, it can be a lot of stuff to watch. Like Netflix, YouTube, and many other streaming services, many people are getting used to Hulu too. But, along with the successful service, Hulu may also face a lot of different issues. These issues occur in the form of codes. Read all about Hulu Error Code P-Dev320 below.

These codes are shown on the screen of the user’s device when the user faces these issues. The most common of these error codes are P-Dev318, P-Dev320, and P-Dev322. The most frequently occurring among these three is P-Dev320. Like other errors, this error can also be fixed using troubleshooting. For this, you need to know What is the error code: P-Dev320?

This is a code for an error that appears on your screen when you try to stream a video on the platform of HULU. This error occurs when there is a problem between the service provider; Hulu and your device and its player. This code appears on the screen with the words:

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“We’re having trouble playing this”

Since there is a problem between the user and Hulu. So, therefore, there can be many different causes that create these errors. Although the error can be from Hulu’s end, the majority of the time it is seen that it is from the user’s end. Read about Hulu Error Code P-Dev320 below in details.

Cause 1: Service Outage

This is the most probable cause from Hulu’s end. They may be facing an outage in your area or region. It can be due to many factors but Hulu will take care of that.


You need to contact their support or you need to check their social media accounts to find out if there is an outage in your area or region. If that is the case, then you need to contact their support system to find out when the service will be available again.

Cause 2:

There can be many issues including the error code: P-Dev 320, that you are facing due to not having the recommended device or it is not meeting the minimum requirements. So, before using Hulu and continuously using Hulu, you need to find out what their recommendations are.


Users who use or want to use Hulu on their smartphones, need to search for HULU in their App Store and if that is installable, then that means you can use this app effectively on your device. If you are using it from or want to use it from your PC’s web browser, then you need to make sure that you have the following specifications:

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  • For Windows: Microsoft Windows 10
  • For Chromebook: Chrome OS
  • For Mac: Mac OS X 10.8 3

The latest versions of recommended web browsers should also be installed on your computer and HTML5 should be enabled along with the JavaScript and cookies enabled.

Cause 3:

Some issues can be faced due to the internet speed of your connection.


Hulu has listed the recommendations on their website. You may need to check that rarely.

  • 3 Mbps is a recommendation for streaming from their video library.
  • 8 Mbps is a recommendation for live streams.
  • 16 Mbps is the requirement for 4K content

They have also mentioned that you can also watch your content but with the reduced video quality at the speed of 1.5 Mbps. This is the minimum speed limit that is recommended. If you want to stream properly, you need to make sure that your internet connection is good enough.

Cause 4:

The device is not supported anymore.


It is possible that when you started using Hulu on your device, the device was supported. But now, Hulu has changed the requirements and your device is not supported anymore. You possibly need to change your device in this case. You should also contact their support before doing that.

Cause 5:

Your device may have an internal issue.


This issue can be checked if you try to stream on other devices. If you are watching Hulu on your smartphone and you are getting this error. Try, watching Hulu on another smartphone or a PC. If it works there, then your device is the reason for the error and needs to be replaced.

Cause 6:

Cache storage is full or caches are corrupted.


Different caches get stored in your device’s memory. These caches are allowed by the user to get different data so that it can be made sure that you are getting the best services. By the time you use the service, the cache storage may get full or the stored caches are corrupt. For resolving this, you need to delete the caches. There are different methods for different devices.

  • For Android: You need to go to your settings, click on the apps. Click all apps and then you need to go to the storage. Tap on cache and then, select clear storage.
  • For iOS: You need to go to the settings and then, General. Then, storage and choose Hulu. Uninstall the app and then you need to reinstall it. It will not only make sure that you are just deleting Hulu’s cache from the device’s memory but you also get an updated app on your device.  
  • For PC: You need to clear the cache (Cookies) by going to Hulu’s website in your browser. Then, click on the lock-shaped icon, located at the left of the search bar.
Hulu Error Code P-Dev320

You will see a panel. You need to click on Cookies from that.

Hulu Error Code P-Dev320

There, you will see the cookies used on Hulu’s website. Click on a cookie and then click, Remove. Remove all the cookies for deleting the cache.

Technical Error Guide with Solutions

Cause 7:

Inactive internet connection or the internet is not working at all.

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You need to make sure that you have an active internet connection. You can also do a Power Cycle by turning off your device and then, you need to turn off your modem or router. Wait for 2 minutes and then restart your device as well as the router or modem.

Cause 8:

You may have selected the high video quality for your connection.


Try to watch the content at the lowest video quality possible. If it works that way, then get a better connection.

Cause 9:

You have an Ad Blocker enabled.


This issue can occur if you have an Ad Blocker enabled on your browser and that is blocking an essential domain from Hulu. For resolving the issue, you need to disable the Ad Blocker and reload the website.


If you have done all of these things and you are still facing the issue, then you should contact their Support. You can also launch a ticket in their support system. Mostly, Error Code: P-Dev320 is sbecause you do not meet their recommendations as well as the minimum requirements. You should be able to meet the recommendations and requirements that are listed on the website and if you meet that, then there should not be any such error. Unless the error is from Hulu’s end.

Hopefully, this article was helpful enough and you have got the streaming back again. Hope you love raeding about Hulu Error Code P-Dev320.

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