How to connect MetaMask Wallet to the Avalanche Network

adding avalanche to metamask

This guide will explain how to connect the MetaMask wallet to the Avalanche network and connect to DApps such as Trader Joe, Sushiswap, and the rest.

It is becoming more and more frustrating to use the Ethereum network due to the very high fees. However, you can reduce these ETH GAS rates by bypassing the Ethereum network and connecting to alternative blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, and Polygon.

Before you can start using these alternative networks, you will need to sign in to a compatible wallet. One of the more popular wallets is MetaMask, where you can also connect a Trezor hardware ledger and a ledger wallet.

What is a MetaMask wallet?


MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet and gateway for blockchain-based applications. The wallet is available as a browser extension for devices like Firefox, Chrome, and Brave or as a mobile app for Android or iOS. Metamask is used by default in the Ethereum network, but MetaMask can also be configured to connect to systems such as Binance Smart Chain or the Avalanche Network. 

 However, we will be focusing on the Avalanche Network for this article.

What is an Avalanche Network?


Avalanche (or AVAX) is a blockchain platform launched in 2020 by Ava Labs. It offers high trading speeds at low cost as well as open-source and allows the construction of decentralized applications on its network, such as DApp.

Avalanche differs from other networks by its unique approach, which uses three distinct blockchains in its platform. They are called X-Chain, C-Chain, and P-Chain.

  • C-Chain: your chain of contracts in which developers essentially create smart contracts for DApps.
  • P-Chain or Platform Chain: this coordinates network validators, keeps track of active subnets and allows the creation of new subnets.
  • X-Chain is your exchange network for creating and exchanging AVAX tokens and other digital assets. Fees are paid on the AVAX token, much the same way you would pay BNB on the Binance Smart Chain or ETH on the Ethereum Network.

Because each blockchain has a different function, it helps improve the speed and scalability of the Avalanche network. 

Avax Avalanche Tokens

Avalanche has its own AVAX utility symbol that ties virtually all blockchains together. AVAX has a supply of 720 million units and can be used for network validation, transaction fees, and unit for all subnets.

How to connect the Avalanche network to MetaMask

Step 1: Download MetaMask

To start connecting Metamask to Avalanche, make sure you have MetaMask installed on your device. 

Step 2: Add a network to MetaMask


Once MetaMask is installed, open your MetaMask wallet. After opening your wallet, click on the drop-down menu next to the name of the connected network (usually configured in Ethereum Mainnet). Then select “Add a network.”

Step 3: Add the Avalance Network to your MetaMask Wallet


The next page will be the “Add Network” page. To continue, enter the following information below in the box provided. 

Step 4: Save

Once logged in, click Save, and your MetaMask wallet will connect to the Avalanche network. Congratulations!

How to send AVAX to your MetaMask wallet

After connecting the Avalanche network to your Metamask wallet, you will need to learn how to send AVAX tokens to your Metamask wallet. They can be sent via a bridge to the Avalanche Network or by buying and sending them from exchanges such as Binance or Kucoin or any other DEX platform of your choice.

Keep in mind that when you connect Ethereum tokens to the Avalanche network, it will cost ETH, which is very high at the time of writing this review.

How to Bridge the AVAX Token

Step 1: Go to Avalanche Bridge and connect.


To connect your Ethereum token to the Avalanche network, you can use the Avalanche bridge itself, which you can find at the

Step 2: Connect your wallet


You will need to log into your Metamask wallet containing the Ethereum ERC20 tokens in Avalanche Bridge.

Step 3: Select your tokens

Once logged in, you can select the token you want to connect from the drop-down menu, which can be an Ethereum-based ERC20 token.

Step 4: Enter the amount and transfer

Enter the tokens you want to bridge across. Currently, when you exceed $75 in tokens, you will receive a free airdrop. Then, when you are ready to bridge, choose “Transfer.”

Once completed, your tokens will be moved from the Ethereum network to the Avalanche network. You will also find that the name of the symbol will change to have a “.e” at the end.

Another way to bridge your tokens is to use something like cBridge. So if you have tokens in the Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Binance Smart chain, for example, you can connect to Avalanche, so you’re not just connecting to a network.

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