Top 7 Games Like XCOM to Kill Your Boredom!

Games Like XCOM

 XCOM is a well-known franchise that focuses on defending the Earth against hostile aliens by sending advanced forces equipped with the most cutting-edge technology. The XCOM games combine facility management with turn-based combat, which is a lot of fun – but if you’ve already completed the series, you might think it’s the tragic end of a great, winding route. So, where do we go from here?

Are there any other games that are similar to XCOM? You might be wondering if there are any other games similar to XCOM. Yes, there are some and all of them will satisfy your strategic cravings. Many of these games were inspired directly by XCOM, while others merely share part of the same DNA. You may rest convinced that none of them will let you down, and you won’t go wrong with any of them. So here we go with the list of games like XCOM.

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Invisible, Inc.

A turn-based cyberpunk spy adventure with a focus on speed. Even if you aren’t spotted, your enemy’s alert level increases with each turn; the best outcome is going in, snatching what you came for, and then sliding out. But, like XCOM, you’ll eventually be detected by a camera and an alert will sound, sparking turn-based combat that blends well-defined rules with the anarchy of aggressive enemy AI. The parallels don’t end there: you choose tasks from a globe map, you lose operatives for good if you leave them behind during missions, and you gradually build up your squad with fresh recruits. Hacking allows you to consume a power resource to manipulate cameras and divulge information.

Hacking provides Invisible, Inc.’s conflicts a strategic dimension by allowing you to expend a power resource to operate cameras, uncover safes, and tag guards. It’s one of the best independent games ever developed, and trust us when we say it won’t feel like a step down from XCOM. It is included in games like XCOM.

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is Julian Gollop’s current take on the original X-Com concept, and unlike Firaxis’ XCOM reboots, it focuses on a much more granular, simulation-heavy combat system. Bullets are individually modeled, location damage can cripple adversaries or lose combat abilities in the middle of a fight, you can change your movement mid-run if you detect an enemy, and monsters the size of skyscrapers are among the enemies.

The monsters grow gun arms to oppose aggressive close combat squads, or chitinous shields to repel squads, as they adapt to counter your tactics. The creatures grow gun arms to confront aggressive close combat squads, or chitinous shields to repel squads lacking in armor penetration.


Xenonauts is a lot more faithful indie remake of the original 1994 X-COM: UFO Defense than the recent XCOM games, it’s virtually a faithful indie remake, steep difficulty curve and all, with a few much-needed quality-of-life adjustments. The UI is cleaner, though it is still confusing and lacks a tutorial, and you can still rename your squad of soldiers, which we adore but also makes it more painful when they die. The ability to store time units (action points) between combat turns, as well as tactical aerial combat when scrambling your jets, are new features.

You build and maintain radar sites and bases to track alien activity outside of combat. You’ll start by covering a small part of the globe, which means the rest is out of your hands — watching casualty reports come in makes it all feel urgent, and the pressure from Xenonauts country members, along with a Cold War between the US and the USSR, puts the pressure on.

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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Don’t be fooled by the cute bunnies and pleasant soundtrack: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a strategy game, and it’s a big one. It’ll feel streamlined in comparison to XCOM, and the tactics won’t be as sophisticated, but your foes’ mobility and sheer numbers will continuously present you with difficult difficulties. Don’t be surprised if you spend an hour or more stuck on a level.

The entire cast possesses outlandish powers, such as the team jump: lead Mario close to Luigi and he’ll bounce off his brother’s hands, flanking the enormous frost golem ahead. Ubisoft has created intricate animations for practically every aspect of the game, and it’s fascinating to watch. It’s a joy to see your squad bounce and dance through stages with blasters in hand. Kingdom Battle is unique because of the combination of Mario wizardry and challenging tactics. It is included in games like XCOM.

Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus

The gothic universe of Mechanicus is simply a fun place to be: you control a squad of dedicated cyborg scientists in turn-based battles against hordes of glowing green skeletons who refuse to die, and they’ll bicker amusingly in between conflicts. Watching them battle is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game, but the combat is also enjoyable.

Mechanicus is for those who desire something less difficult than XCOM: the challenge isn’t so much in clearing each area as it is in doing so in the most rewarding way possible, by equipping your mechanical priests with the right mix of gadgets, gizmos, and firearms. It’s more of a power fantasy than a strategic conundrum.

Phantom Doctrine

One of the most annoying aspects of tactical games like “XCOM” is the secret die rolls that determine whether shots strike or miss, as PCGamesN points out. One bad roll can result in a missed shot and a game loss, regardless of how exposed an adversary is or how well developed a character is.

“Phantom Doctrine,” on the other hand, is a tactics game that does not rely on dice rolls for hit determination. ‘Phantom Doctrine’ was designed from the ground up to be different. Enemies die when you pull the trigger.” As a result, combat encounters are swift and deadly, and the game features a variety of techniques to help players develop their composure. AS a result, combat confrontations are swift and deadly, and the game uses a variety of techniques to create complicated tactical encounters.

The primary campaign of “Phantom Doctrine” is set in the Cold War era, and players are tasked with investigating a global conspiracy for an organization known as the Cabal. “Phantom Doctrine” is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a gratifying tactical experience that functions on a different set of principles than “XCOM.”

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Fallout 2

Although Fallout is now commonly associated with 3-D environments, this was not always the case. The Fallout series began as isometric 2-D games that were similar to XCOM in certain ways.

Fallout 2 is best recognized for its post-apocalyptic setting, in which significant swaths of the Earth have been turned into radioactive wastelands populated by mutated monsters as a result of a worldwide struggle. As one of the survivors in Fallout 2, you will be charged with finding a powerful item that is said to be capable of undoing the environmental harm inflicted by nuclear weapons. It’s worth noting that it’s more of a role-playing game with a large open-world area in terms of gameplay, but

It’s worth noting that the game is much more of a role-playing game with a large open-world area, but if you loved XCOM, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy Fallout 2’s tactical turn-based combat.


All of our criteria are met! It’s now your turn to engage with them and have some fun with them. Playing XCOM and other great games is a great way to pass the time.

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