Games like Slay the Spire

Games like Slay the Spire

Undoubtedly, Slay the Spire is one of the best roguelike deck-building games available. However, for those who aren’t interested in the game’s burgeoning modding community or who have run out of card games to play in real life, there is a slew of other options. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular ones and discuss why they might be able to quench your thirst for more StS content.


It would be an understatement to say that Dimensions is influenced by Slay the Spire. The game follows in the footsteps of Spire in terms of card combination mechanisms, roguelike design, and class rules, but adds a unique card pool that keeps the formula fresh.

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You take on the role of an adventurer who is transported to a dream world and must defeat a horde of terrifying creatures to escape. Similar to Spire, the game has several character types that, in a roguelike approach, allow you to further customize each game. One of the best Games like Slay the Spire in our list.

2. Ascension: Deckbuilding Game

In Slay The Spire, there are Ascension levels, however, this Ascension is a completely separate game. It was initially known as Ascension: Chronicle Of The Godslayer, but it again emerged with a new title that wonderfully captures the essence of the game.

 You’ll enjoy the game because the game was designed by Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour champions Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty, and Brian Kibler. The goal is to earn more Honor Points than the other players, which requires you to construct the greatest deck possible. You can buy better cards with Runes. What more could you want from a game? Strategy and monsters.

3. Card Quest

Card Quest is much more similar to StS in virtually every regard. It’s only one step rather than a flight of stairs. Compared to other deck construction games, Card Quest has a simpler art style, simpler principles, and fewer possibilities for combinations, but it’s still a lot of fun.

There are a lot more foes in each combat than there are in Slay the Spire, and weapon or armor selections are crucial because packs of cards are attached to this equipment and can’t be removed individually. It’s never at the top of any list of suggestions, but it’s always there somewhere.

4. SteamWorld Quest

Consider SteamWorld Quest to be an RPG counterpart of Slay the Spire, but with three party members and a lot more robots. You can face creatures you’ve already killed to earn more cash, experience, and stuff, as well as craft cards.

When it comes to card gameplay, each of your three party members starts with an eight-card deck. These are all mixed into the same deck during combat, and you draw six cards while playing three each round. The fact that cards accrue or use up Steam lets you play more powerful cards is a unique feature of the game.

With stunning artwork, fantastic background music, and a unique plot, SteamWorld Quest transports you on a medieval journey. As you continue through the story, your party members will collect experience and level up their abilities. You’ll find wealth and buy equipment along the way. If you appreciate a mix of RPG tale and strategic deck building, give this game a shot.


Dream Quest is a game known for its unique gameplay as well as its very awful graphics, which came before Slay the Spire’s clean design. Dream Quest, on the other hand, lays a higher focus on deck construction than Spire: opponents each have their deck and do not disclose their intentions each round. You also start with fewer cards, which may lead you to play your entire hand rather than thinking about the long game.

Dream Quest is more about generating synergy between your selected talents than it is about being intelligent. You’ll learn what each enemy is capable of as you progress through the game, as well as which cards can counter them. And, like Spire, it provides a tremendous lot of satisfaction after you’ve mastered it.

6. Ring Of Pain

Ring of Pain is not like the other massive games sprawling RPGs or roguelikes with a lot of aesthetic candy. It’s a graphically stunning game, albeit a little spooky, but it lacks the background graphics and character designs of Across the Obelisk and Gordian Quest.

RoP, on the other hand, has a lot of interesting mechanics concealed beneath its simple surface that will have you going back for more. Since the runs are usually considerably shorter than in most other games of this type, it’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of “just one more run.”

7. Into the Breach

The appearance of giant animals mating beneath the earth has put human civilization in jeopardy. To stave off the menace of aliens, your character must command some of the most powerful futuristic machines available. But there’s a catch: just as you’re about to save the world, another random challenge arrives out of nowhere, attempting to derail your squad. For fans of Slay the Spire, this turn-based strategy game is a must-play.

You’ll need to be at your best while putting your plans into action. A single blunder can lead to a security breach, allowing invaders to destroy your city. To come up with a strategic comeback, you must carefully examine your opponent’s strike. Into the Breach gives you plenty of possibilities to customize your deck and try out new weaponry to defend your city. Remember that in this game, failing is not an option. Every strategy must be flawless. Otherwise, you and the world will be captured by aliens.

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8. Monster Train

We have brought this game for fans of Slay the Spire that wants more or as close to it as possible. While Slay the Spire focuses on ascending the tower vertically, Monster Train focuses on horizontal travel, transporting the Pyre of Hell back to The Frozen Heart. Along the way, you’ll summon a variety of Demons to combat the Angels that are attempting to stop you.

It shares a lot of similarities with Slay the Spire and isn’t shy about it, but Monster Train also boasts several unique features. The three separate floors are a clever notion that works much better in practice than you might expect, the many Clan combinations add a lot of variety, and the Pact Shard system introduced in The Last Divinity DLC modifies how you approach each run. Sure, the overlapping of multiple buffs, debuffs, character qualities, spells, boss effects, and more can be a little confusing later on in a run, but you grow used to it after a while.


Night of the Full Moon, like Meteorfall, is another attempt to streamline Dream Quest’s method. You begin with a modest hand and gradually expand your deck, starting with simple attacks and progressing to far more sophisticated cards. It’s also a fantastic variation on the famous tale of Little Red Riding Hood, and despite some translation issues (the original game is in Chinese), it makes excellent use of the environment as you wander through the Black Forest, fighting a variety of monster adversaries.

In keeping with the idea, the game does not include a map, but, like Spire, you can choose from a variety of encounters, including opponents, vendors, and locations where you can obtain more cards. There are also a few classes that give players, even more, control over how they approach the game. Night of the Full Moon is a charming little roguelike that, while not quite as difficult as Dream Quest, is surely more appealing to the eye.


After you’ve gone through all of the greatest games like Slay the spire, make your own informed decision about which one best suits your interests.

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