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Games like Skyrim

Are you an open-world game lover or a Skyrim gamer? If yes, then you have landed on the right page exactly befitting your choice! This list of Games like Skyrim can actually help you a lot.

Playing Skyrim is an amazing experience, not only to refresh your mind in your leisure time but also to quench your thirst for exploring the world. You will be excited to know that Skyrim is not the only open-world game that you love to play but there are many other games like Skyrim with more exciting features. They provide you the opportunity to have the tour a beautiful world.

Just read below to discover what you are looking for; the best games like Skyrim which you would love to play and can never leave away!


Extremely attractive graphics of this single-player game keep you engaged and enjoy playing for a much longer time duration. The flight of time is unnoticed for you when your attention is captivated towards the islands of Solstheim wearing a white puffy attire of snow.

The type and the category of weapons make MORROWIND at par with Skyrim, where you can find very few weapons such as Nordic Mail and Ice blades. These characteristics and some others like its mind-blowing open-ended gameplay, make this game the first-grade alternative to Skyrim.

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed IV action-adventure very interestingly fulfills your target to become a dreadful Assassin. This game very intricately transforms the Real-world events into fiction in which you can see a reflection of history where old Assassins are found struggling.

As a ship sailor, you defend your ship by confronting all the challenges with bravery just like Skyrim. In an unknown and unseen world, you fulfill your tasks for your survival as well as the survival of your ship. Smart blocking and active responding are the integral gameplay elements of its combating system

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 provides you the pleasure similar to Skyrim but with a slightly different taste. Being a Skyrim player, Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic open-world RPG would be best known to you. However nuclear weapons and firearms take the place of swords and magic.

In Fallout 4, you play as a mother or father and run away to seek refuge in Vault 111 after the nuclear bombs are just about to fall. You open your eyes into the vast wasteland when you are frozen by cryogen and find your kidnapped son.


Eternium is an RPG game providing you Skyrim-like experience. Its most interesting character is that you can enjoy playing it on your smart and mobile devices. The game contains three particularly crafted worlds that you can explore together with your partners. As part of the main story, you must save them first.

 After completion of your actual story, you can play the game in randomly generated levels by using the “Trial of Valor” game mode. This is the most innovative feature of this game. Eternium is well-loved to be played because it provides you enjoy playing the absence of the internet. Yes, you got the right! You can play it offline if you have limited mobile data.

 Dragon`s Dogma

Dragons Dogma is an open-world game filled with fantasy and imagination. The role you play is dependent upon your sector of choice which makes you the best fighter, warrior, or Sorcerer. In each of these sectors, the fighting system is different and specific to its category. AI-controlled members of the section act upon your commands which you find interesting to play with. Although Dragon’s dogma is one of the last generation games, appreciating reviews of gamers and publications has made it successful for everyone in the genre.

Its similarity with Skyrim puts it into an alternative game for Skyrim lovers.

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The Elder Scrolls Online

Your likelihood for Skyrim sometimes takes you to engross in it on a larger scale such as the Elder Scrolls Online. This great RPG game has fantastic features by having players from the real world. It provides you a greater variety of confronting enemies and the creation of stories together.

The game’s perspectives, interface, and fonts provide great comfort and boost up to already Skyrim game players where they find customization of the appearance of character, expertise, and weapons.

 World of Warcraft

Its abbreviation is WoW and so are the features. World of Warcraft is one of the best MMORPG. Customizing your character according to your own choice keeps you excited and enthusiastic for more and more adventures. You keep enjoying the War between your team of heroes of Warcraft universe and the most lethal villains by overcoming challenges at every stage. The stories told by Non-Playable Characters ( NPC) never let your attention go anywhere else. World of Warcraft explores a vast world of stunts, trials, and quests for you.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

In Dragon age series lets you in the world of Thedas where you fight with dragons coming from the sky like a devil. It opens a new world of adventures where you restore the orders and rights of the world after being caught by the inquisition. Dragon Age inquisition also fulfills your desire for romance which you miss in Skyrim after getting married. In This Skyrim game, you encounter the challenges of dragon fights and other epic battles.

Shadow of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the unconventional open-world games which has some features similar to Skyrim but filled with some other exciting features also. For example, the world around the character exists as a world of its own. The character looks like a tiny entity surrounded by many gigantic bodies. You play in the area where the map is large and the objects around you are the largest. You have to travel a lot to cover the distance between you and the nearest mountain which is felt like a monster. You feel like a negligible object being surrounded by colossus bodies. One of the best Games like Skyrim in our cool list.

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Dark souls III

Are you a lover of middle age combating rather than role-playing elements as there are in Skyrim? If yes then the dark soul is the best fit for you. The game brings a unique storyline to you which you enjoying at every step.

In dark souls, you face the bigger environment and also the lethal enemies who want to darken the world. Thus, your task is to delay this darkness by preventing the first flame from extinguishing. This game Grabs your attention in such a way that it becomes difficult to put off once you begin playing it. The graphics of the game are designed in a way that speaks out loud to its name and action.


After finding all the above-mentioned alternatives of Skyrim, just choose the one best fitting to you. Spend your leisure time on these exciting adventures and engross yourself in the world of joy. Engage yourself in the accomplishment of new and innovative tasks, show your valor and confront all the challenges. Give us reviews in the comment section if you know about other alternatives of Skyrim. For more information about mind-blowing games, visit other articles on our site. Feel free to contact us for queries.

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