CompTIA Security+ Certification – Is It Worth It


Technology has made an impact of the world as it is completely or people used to live their life. when we take a look around as we noticed that you are completely surrounded by technological gadgets and the life is dependent upon the usage of those technological gadgets. starting from the most simple human activities to the most complex human activities we would notice that Technology has a very crucial role in making everything more convenient and approachable. one of the biggest advantages of technological advancement has been experienced by numerous organisations all over the world as their way of functioning has completely been altered. organisations have  benefited a lot from Technology as they have got modern practical methods of working which has boosted the efficiency and productivity of the company. but the growing Technology has also created as lot of problems as it provides a platform for the growth of cybercrime. cyber crime is the format of criminal activities which is performed by the usage of a computer and networking system to target victims over the internet. it might actually sound a little simple but everything is truly one of the most complicated and dangerous animal activities that exist in the world.

What is Cyber Security?

The only software system that has a potential to protect the device against potential cyber crime is cyber security. Cyber security can be considered to be a defence mechanism edited by organisations to protect themselves against potential cyber attacks. This helps organisations in identification and prevention of potential cyber attacks in order to keep all the essential data and information safe and secure.

 Best Entry Level Cyber Security Certification : CompTIA Security

there are actually numerous cyber security certifications that are available in the market that provide great functional value and amazing job responsibilities to a professional. but when it comes to entry level certifications it gets absolutely as the functional value provided by entry-level cyber security certifications is not that high. the most functional and beneficial entry level cyber security certification is the CompTIA security plus certification. this certification is truly one of the most beneficial certifications as it provides amazing job functionality to professionals. It is actually an entry level certification but it’s still provides opportunity for professionals to work as intermediate job positions. this application really stands out for itself as it matches the calibre of other professional level cyber security certifications. But many Professionals have a question about how worthy is the CompTIA security plus certification.

Is the Certification really worth getting ?

Talking about how were the is the CompTIA security plus certification, there are numerous aspects that we actually need to cover which work as a parameter in judging the version of this certification.

Reviews and Recommendation

Talking about reviews we understand that numerous professional have actually been benefited by a great extent with use of the certification. it has had amazing reviews and numerous other experts also recommend professionals were planning to step into the field of cybersecurity to start their career with this certification. All the reviews and ratings truly justify that the certification is actually were the but there are also certain serious parameters which need to be taken into consideration.

Cost of Investment?

It is very obvious that any professional would have to invest a basic amount of money in order to get a certification. For the CompTIA security plus certification, the examination fees is $339 and the additional charges would be that of the training program the professional opts for. the average overall cost which a professional have to spend for getting the certification is nearly $1,000 which is actually pretty decent as that would be the same cost for any other entry level certificate.


The benefits which professional would be experiencing after having the certification is absolutely amazing. the first benefit with the professional be experiencing is that despite of being an entry level certification this certification actually pass the professional for intermediate job roles. This indicates that the job positions of a professional would be higher allowing the salary of the professional to also be higher. The CompTIA security+ certification is a globally accepted certificate which indicates better job opportunities. this means that a professional can work for any Organisation all over the world and experience equal functional value.

Considering all the parameters it is very obvious that this certification is absolutely worth getting as it provides amazing escalation to a professional’s Career.

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