Best Graphics Cards Under $100

Best Graphics Cards Under $100

We are living in the world of rapid advancements and when it comes to technology, then we are pacing incredibly fast. Especially, when it comes to gaming. This is the reason that we have seen an ascent in the number of gamers because now, they are getting paid much more than they used to be. Read about Best Graphics Cards Under $100 below.

That’s why, a lot more gamers have started to build a career in this but with that, comes a great amount of competition among them. Although there have been numerous mobile games that have been launched lately and they do perform extremely well too but still, Personal Computers seem to take precedence.

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The upgrade from the makers as well as the ability to modify your PC manually, has allowed the gamers to get the best of the gaming experience. These high-end PCs are also being used in world-class competitions. From professional to amateur gamers, everyone seems to consider that. Not just that, PC gaming allows you to connect a lot more different gadgets to your PC. This, has furthermore, enhanced gaming.

While buying a PC for gaming, there can be several thoughts you can have in your mind. Thoughts like, which computer to buy and what specs it should possess. It also depends on you as a gamer, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. Recently, ergonomics is also an attribute that is getting considered by professionals, while choosing a PC. Graphics have been given a lot of priority lately, by gamers.

If not all, then a majority of gamers upgrade their PCs, owing to personal requirements. Two components hold the utmost importance when it comes to graphics. First, the Graphics Card, and the second, your display device; LED. LEDs also come in various sizes and resolutions. But, a Graphics Card is required to show good quality results on a good LED.

It means, Graphics Card is a pre-requisite for good graphics, which then, later on, gets accomplished with the help of an LED. A dedicated graphics card is what you need and that’s why we are here today! But, before purchasing any of the graphics cards, you need to know, what exactly is a graphics card? 

Your computer has a Central Processing Unit which is called a CPU. CPU processes all the programs in your computer along with the help of RAM. This also involves the processing of graphics (images, visuals, videos). Advanced games come with the heaviest graphics that may not be processed efficiently by the CPU alone.

For solving this conundrum, Graphics Card is installed. This allows all the graphics to be processed by the graphics card, which previously, was done by the CPU. This way, your PC is faster and gives a better display. So, Graphics Card is another CPU, but for graphics only.

Modern Graphics Cards possess a wide range of specifications. Different parameters should be kept in mind while choosing a Graphics Card for your PC. We have chosen the best graphics cards for you, based on the following parameters:

  • Price (Less than $100)
  • Reviews
  • Memory

While writing this article, various articles were read and reviewed. One thing was found among those articles; there were many graphics cards mentioned, which were out of the $100 budget. We have made sure that everything is $100.

1. ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 4GB DDR3 (Author’s Choice):

This graphics card will be an excellent addition to your integrated graphics. This graphics card includes a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) by NVIDIA. With already been in the market for a long time now, NVIDIA has made many valuable customers. The GPU included is GeForce GT 730 and it is a pretty powerful chipset, comparatively. It has 384 processor cores.

Although the memory included is of DDR3 technology but, it has got 4GB of it and that makes it even more impactful. It has a memory bus of 64 Bit and a memory clock of 1600 MHz and PCI Express 2.0. It does have a power supply of 300 watts but it consumes a maximum of 25 watts.

With being HDTV ready, it goes way up to the resolution of 4K. Passive cooling is another impressive feature of this graphics card that keeps the overall temperature cool. Low profile design is an additional benefit you get with this card. With all these features, we have decided to put this on top of our list. It comes with a price tag of $87.

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2. MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 2GB GDRR3:

This graphics card is also a powerful choice for many since it is from MSI. Just under $100, this graphics card has a GPU from NVIDIA. The GPU installed is GeForce GT 710 and it has 954 core clocks. The memory speed is 1600 MHz and the memory type is also of DDR3 technology. The memory bus is also 64 Bit.

The recommended power supply is 300 watts with a maximum power consumption of 19 watts. Now, it has more solid capacitors that give you an ultra-long lifetime. It does have a fan on it which can help in lowering the temperature and increasing the efficiency. Profile design is really low profile and it consumes much less space. Video capture is really easy as it supports real-time video capturing and multithreading is also supported. It downloads and updates graphics card BIOS & drivers and reduces the risk of getting the wrong files. This comes at a price point of $99.

3. PNY NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2GB DDR3:

This graphics card also comes with a low-profile design and the GPU installed is also from NVIDIA. The GPU is GeForce GT 710. The clock speed is 954 MHz and it has a memory size of 2GB. But, the technology of memory is advanced comparatively, and that is GDDR5. It has a memory interface of 64 bit and it has multi-screen options available. The maximum resolution available is 4K. The power supply should be 300 watts. Its low-profile compact design also comes with a single fan, lowering the overall temperature. It does have Microsoft DirectX 12 support and comes with NVIDIA updates. You can buy it for $69.

4. ASUS GeForce GT 710 2GB GDDR5:

This is another graphics card that has NVIDIA GPU installed on it. GeForce GT 710 is the specified GPU. The memory technology is GDDR5 and it comes with a memory of 2GB. The engine clock speed is 954 MHz and it has 192 cores. The memory speed is 5012 MHz and the memory interface is 64 bit.

The maximum resolution is 3840*2160 (4K) and it does support 3 displays. It also has the dedicated software: GPU Tweak II, that along with drivers, can be downloaded from the support site. The recommended power supply is 300 watts. It has a silent passive cooling system that makes it even more inaudible. It is made of Super Alloy Power II and has Microsoft DirectX 12 support. It comes for $85.

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One thing you must have noticed is that all the graphics card has GPU from NVIDIA. The reason is that we have reviewed other GPUs as well, like from AMD. But, these are the ones that were up to our budget of less than $100. ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 is our choice among all other graphics cards. Not only it comes with an advanced GPU; GeForce GT 730 but it does have a memory of 4GB. Hopefully, this article was helpful enough. HAPPY GAMING! Hope you love reading about Best Graphics Cards Under $100.

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