10 Best Code Vein Mods to Try Out For Free

10 Best Code Vein Mods to Try Out For Free

Released by Bandai Namco in September 2019, Code Vein took the gaming community by storm with its aesthetically pleasing and anime-inspired take on From Software’s Dark Souls formula. It’s perfect for fans of intense and unforgiving gameplay who also like over-the-top flashy effects and stories full of anime tropes. Read about Best Code Vein Mods below in details.

Vampires, immortal beings, parasites, and a dystopian post-apocalyptic world: it has it all. PC gamers have grown voracious when it comes to modifying their gaming experience and pushing graphics to the limit, despite the excellent sights and extensive customization choices offered in the vanilla edition.

As a result, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the greatest Code Vein mods, all of which are accessible for download right now.

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1. Improved Visuals and Performance

Although there are other fantastic graphic adjustments accessible to suit all preferences, it’s difficult not to recognize Stoker25’s mod as the most comprehensive. It not only reduces the severe blurring effect that the developers chose to incorporate, but it also increases the sharpness and detail of the objects. Overall, the goal is to push everything to the limits of what Unreal Engine 4 can do. And it does make the vanilla game feel like it was made years ago. However, I’d only recommend this if you’re already able to run the game at its highest graphics settings, as it may be pretty taxing. It’ll also lengthen loading times so consider getting the Custom Loading Screens as well!

2. Invisible Mask for Male and Female

Some of the best things in life are simple. That’s certainly the case with this amazing mod that makes all masks in the game invisible so you can see your character’s face. This is not a From Software game where everyone’s face looks hideous by default. It’s an aesthetic work of art meant to let you live the anime experience. I’d argue this mod works great with Invisible Inner Frame, also created by NexusMods user Gatomiau. One of the best mods in our list of Best Code Vein Mods.

3. E3FX for Code Vein

This mod, described by its author Drogean as “adding next-generation effects to Code Vein,” intends to update the game’s handling of various effects, the most important of which is lighting. Colors are richer and light acts more naturally after installation, no longer shining as if a light had an “aura of brightness,” as it were. It’ll also sharpen textures, improve the Bloom effect, and add Eye-adaptation mechanics when moving between outdoors and indoors. Surprisingly for something so complex, this mod is pretty easy to install. And there are fixes for mostly any possible issues readily available.

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4. Colorable 2B Outfit

Now if you like the outfit but don’t like the idea of having the actual character in the game(it’s certainly not lore-friendly) then Pling94 has got your back. You may make your character look like 2B using this mod. It also offers the ability to choose the color of the dress and leotard, allowing you to express yourself while also (maybe) duplicating Soul Calibur VI’s 2P. The only disadvantage I can see is that this version lacks skirt cloth physics

5. Playable 2B

Nier: Automata has had a profound impact on the anime and gaming communities. This is partly due to its intricate ideas, great gameplay, and, most importantly, 2B’s butt. It’s only logical that the ability to play as 2B was one of the first mods to gain traction in the Code Vein modding community. This mod by Rathren replaces the default female character for YoRHa’s battle android, complete with her mask and skirt cloth physics. When installing this mod you can choose between wearing the skirt, removing it to enjoy 2B’s leotard-clad form, and even removing the eyepatch if you wish. It’s your gaming experience so you do you.

6. Fox Ears(Droopy and Pointy)

This is an upgraded kemonomimi mod that allows you to unleash your inner weeb in the character builder. The vanilla cat ears and ear mufflers are replaced with some large, rich fox ears that any furry would be proud of. To better suit your tastes, the mod contains both pointy and drooping ears, as well as the personality you want your character to have. Now you just need to add some whiskers (got ya covered) and you’re all set.

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7. Fluffy Tails Accessory

While we’re on the subject of anime classics, here’s something else we can’t live without tails. You don’t have to put up with the vanilla Leopard Tail anymore, thanks to user Renpyon. This mod replaces it with a large fluffy fox tail with customizable colors and physics that emphasize its fluffiness. And if you like this one then I’m pretty sure you’ll love the next entry.

8. Playable School Uniform

School uniforms are the one thing you can’t live without in an anime-style game that allows you to customize your character. While Code Vein’s default outfit contains certain items that resemble a school uniform, it took Pling94 to create an accurate one. The model belongs to AION Online, one of those MMORPGs that value looks over gameplay. So it’s very aesthetically pleasing, to say the least. And as you’d expect, all colors are fully customizable.


9. Playable Eva Costume

Consider borrowing Eva’s revealing style with this Playable Eva Costume from NexusMods user F1SH if you want to keep your seductive leather clothes home-grown. It’s available with or without the skirt, which I like because it let the belts and leather shine on their own. While you may choose to leave the outfit “as is” to truly imitate the Successor of the Throat, it’s entirely customizable in terms of color. And in my opinion, the possibilities are endless. There’s also a much curvier version for you fiends out there.

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10. UE4 ReShade – True HD

One more of the many graphic tweaks available for Code Vein is UE4 ReShade from user Vanguard1776, promising a “True HDR” experience.

This modifies the configuration of the game’s graphics engine to mimic the look that true HDR tech can achieve. In practice, this means more vibrant colors and improved contrast throughout the game. In other words, it eliminates the game’s “washed out” appearance in several sections. It’s one of the gentler graphic tweaks available for Code Vein, resulting in a better-than-stock experience while remaining loyal to the original.


                      Above mentioned Cod vein mods will help you build an interest. These are simple to use and play. These Cod vein mods are listed above to choose the one best fitting to you. Spend your leisure time on these exciting adventures and engross yourself in the world of joy. Engage yourself in the accomplishment of new and innovative tasks, show your valor and confront all the challenges. Give us reviews in the comment section if you know about other Cod vein mods. For more information about mind-blowing games, visit other articles on our site. Feel free to contact us for queries.

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