7 Customer Fears: How to Overcome them and Win Over Customers?

7 customer fears and how to overcome

What are your customers’ fears? Are there any simple ways to avoid them? If so, what exactly are they? Continue reading to find out the answers.

Customer fears will always be the most formidable foe in customer success. A customer has the absolute power to make or break your business. That is why when customer fears form those walls of resistance, they make conversions difficult. We will discuss seven common customer fears and possible fixes in this blog. But, first, here is why customers are important.

Why Customers Are Important

Businesses frequently follow the adage “the customer is always right,” because satisfied customers are more likely to return to companies that meet or exceed their expectations. As a result, many businesses carefully monitor their customer relationships to solicit feedback on improving product lines.

Some businesses closely monitor their customer relationships to identify ways to improve service and products to meet their customers’ needs better.

Common Customer Fears

#1 Repeating Previous Mistakes (previous unhappy experience or unmet customer expectations)

Previous unhappy experiences often ignite fear in customers’ hearts.

Maybe it’s a CRM software that didn’t satisfy the customer’s expectation, or it could be that a customer success feature was unavailable to them or countless other things.

Now, if they never explain their reasons for returning or “repeating their previous mistakes,” it may be due to a previous experience.

Possible Fix

First, identify the experience and then devise an approach to make it right.

Remember that you have a colossal task to overcome the fear than if they haven’t used the product/service before.

Now, you can offer the product/service to them on a trial order. Also, assure the customers that the previous issue wouldn’t happen again.

Furthermore, consider connecting them with satisfied customers because nothing beats a great review or recommendation.

#2 Paying More

Let’s face it.

Nobody wants to overpay for an item/service. However, paying a high price for something you can acquire at cheaper rates is no fun. And your customers know this.

As a result, several questions such as “Is the pricing fair?” or “Would another store offer a discount?” will hover in their heads before they pull the trigger and swipe their cards.

Possible Fix

Understanding a buyer’s perception and how it can influence your customer success is critical.

Customers appreciate that they are closer to your bottom. So when speaking about the product/service, emphasize the overall value they’ll get rather than the product/service’s basic features.

#3 Unknown Brand Name

Maybe you’re new to the industry and still trying to woo potential customers and lure them into trying your offerings.

These people haven’t heard of your brand and can only guess its use. So, they will be apprehensive about your quality, pricing, and more. Should I do business with them? What if they’re fake?

Possible Fix

Make your website your most extensive arsenal! Your landing page must be more informative than promotional.

Since you’re new, leverage video content to describe your brand, products, and/or services and ensure your offerings are clear and concise for your prospects.

#4 Uncertainty of Quality

Sometimes, customers are afraid of purchasing a product because they’re still unaware of its features.

How can it benefit them? Does the pricing fit their budget? And so on. All in all, without trying out your product/service, they’ll always be unsure about your quality.

Possible Fix

How about a trial period? Let them see the features and benefits for a specific period before deciding if they wish to subscribe to your offer.

#5 Negative Reviews or Testimonials

Third-party information can generate customer fear too. Negative critical comments can come from online reviews, social walls, or even friends and family.

Sometimes negative reviews can be dishonest. For example, your competitors want to conquer the perimeters in front of you by ruining your online reputation instead of working on themselves.

Based on the testimonials or reviews, your prospects may decide against doing business with you.

Possible Fix

Negative reviews and testimonials are a wall between you and your customer that needs to break.

Start by winning the customer’s trust and convincing them to try out the product/service themselves.

And if necessary, leverage past happy customers who can intervene as positive references.

Challenge negative reviews by providing evidence for the platforms they are posted on.

Remember that these customers will bring business to you only when their fear is diminished.

#6 Data Security and Theft

Customers are always skeptical about sharing any personal or confidential information online.

They are constantly afraid of data theft, identity compromise, or inadequate data security.

Possible Fix

Secure all transactions. Add an SSL Certificate to your website. Never request data that isn’t required for your system. And deploy precautionary measures and industry best practices when handling their private data.

# 7 Unprofessional Sales Staff

A salesperson can easily intimidate a prospect when he walks into your store. But why?

The reason is hilariously simple!

As a salesperson, you demand something from prospects — their time, commitment, and of course, money.

In addition, what you demand involves some form of change on the prospect’s behalf. And most people are skeptical to change.

Asides from this, salespersons often answer everything with a “Yes” even when they are unsure of the appropriate answer.

Possible Fix

Be warm and friendly! That will help overcome the intimidating personality.

While showing them products, engage them actively. Understand what they want and be cordial in your approach.

Keep in mind that body language matters too. Standing too close or too far away can be counter-productive.

Remember that not every question has a “Yes” answer. Be honest! Let the customer know if a product doesn’t have a specific feature.


Customer fears are one of the most significant impediments to a successful conversion. However, as you shed light on these issues, you will notice that these customer concerns fade with time. Use these strategies above to help you overcome your fears. Retain your customers for an extended period, and your conversions will skyrocket in no time.

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